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"The Wise Woman Herbal Series is GREAT!"

February 8, 2002

Hello Susun,

I don't have a question, but not too long ago I was reading about you somewhere and learned that you share the same birthdate as my dad--even the same year. So, as I am at home baking a loaf of bread to take to his birthday dinner, I wanted to send you my good wishes.

I did have the pleasure of meeting you and hearing you speak last March at a women's health conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You autographed my copy of Healing Wise, a book I LOVE, and I have since purchased "Menopausal Years" and "Breast Cancer? Breast Health!" and they are both phenomenal.

I gave a copy of "Breast Health!" to my best friend as well. Even though I'm only 30, I plan to keep New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way close at hand and refer to it often so that I'll be educated and prepared when the time comes.

Since last March, I've been drinking the herbal infusions you recommend (not as often as I should, but I'm doing them more and more) and among all the other things they are good for, the nettle infusion gets rid of my worst summertime hayfever attacks. Last July I had hayfever symptoms so bad one morning, I thought maybe I'd caught a cold, but over the course of the day I drank 2-3 cups of nettle infusion and afterwards I felt totally fine! I was thrilled!!

Anyway, thank you so much for everything. Your books are wonderful and I admire you so much. My dream is to someday be able to attend one of the events at your farm (when my little boy gets a bit older) and I'm currently saving up the money to take one of your correspondence courses.

Thank you for everything you do and being such a great role model for women,


PS. I would be honored to have you use my words as a testimonial!

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