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Suggested Interview Questions

1. You say there are three fairly distinct phases of menopause: the premenopausal years, the menopausal climax years, and the postmenopausal years. Can you talk more about the three phases, what characterizes them, and how they differ?

2. The medical community is wary of herbal medicine, particularly because it is a largely unregulated industry with few assurances of safety for consumers. How safe are herbs?

3. Have there been major developments or revelations in the last ten years about women's health and menopause that you felt compelled to add to this revised edition?

4. Are physicians and gynecologists generally well informed about women's health and menopause? And in turn, are midlife women getting fully informed about their health?

5. What is the biggest misconception that younger women have about menopause?

6. You were a vocal opponent of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, over ten years ago. Now some of the medical community has come to agree with your viewpoint about the dangers to women's long-term health. Is HRT ever a good idea for post-menopausal women, and if not, why are doctors still prescribing it?

7. On a related topic, you recommend against using progesterone cream, which has been successfully marketed to millions of women. What do you have against it?

8. What, in your view, is causing the upswing in diagnosed cases of thyroid problems among middle-aged women?

9. Are mammograms safe?

10. How did you get interested in herbal medicine?

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