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Testimonials for Susun Weed


Dear Susun,
I would like to thank you for the blessing of your books. For the past 18 years I have turned to you for guidance and wisdom. Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years carried me through five pregnancies, four home births ( two unattended homebirths), and child care . You have never failed me. When my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer we devoured Breast Cancer Breast Health, which is my least favorite book to have to give someone, but it has been a blessing to many of my friends. Healing Wise is one of my favorite reads. Every time I pick it up there is something (someone) new speaking to me. Now as I begin menopause, I have turned to you again through Wise Woman Herbal for the Menopausal Years and received relief, perspective and wisdom. Thank you for walking this journey with me. You've been there through it all the fears, joys and sorrows. Blessed Be, Beth


I have read Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year and Healing Wise. I also recently read your article in the Sage Woman magazine. I am truly in love with your teaching! I feel that your thoughts jump right off the page and lodge themselves in my heart and mind. I would love the opportunity to meet you and further my understanding of all that your teaching would encompass. Thank you for opening yourself to all those around you. I look forward to hearing from you. With grace, Annie


Wow! I just love your newsletter. It is like receiving a dear friend into
my home! Can't wait for your new book. I've also asked the local Whole Foods Market to order a zillion copies right away [they always stock the first edition]. Much love and gratitude for all the wonderful wisdom which you share with such grace and love. Patricia


I am constanting saying, "When I lived with Susun...." I am still in awe of how much I learned from my apprenticeship with you. I am forever grateful for the knowledge you passed on. And now I get to share the Wise Woman tradition with the girls at Shakti
Rising. Your 'weedsite' looks great. I'll let everyone out here know about
it. Blessings and Love to you - Jessika


I wanted to let you know that last night's meeting with Susun was a definite sucess ! We had 9 ladies attend. Most of our discussion centered around menopausal issues. Hearing her sing, relate stories, answer questions and generally share her wisdom was a very special gift. Several of us have decided to create a support group and meet on a quarterly basis. Susun has said that she would be willing to visit us again next year. I will keep you and Susun informed on our progress. I also wanted to thank you for your beautiful web page and for your hard work. I'm sure you get countless emails and help your mother in many ways. You are both exceptional women.
Sincerely, Diane


Every time I visit the site it becomes more wonderful. I love the newsletter and really like the other sites that you include. I also like Susun's biography - Keep it up!


Hi, the monthly weed wanderings issues are like this whole new world that has opened up to me, what a wonderful wealth of information, you are all awesome, thanks. Aierole


Hi Susun and folks! Thanks for an awesome weekend at the Spirit Healing much to take in...need more time with you....I
am going to sign up for long distance correspondence course as soon as I get
settled in, in Montana..More soon.. and thank you sooo sooo much....your are a true giver and healer, Sister Susun...Lady and light, Feather Hawk


Dear Susun:
I have your books and they're wonderful. They've helped me to modify my outlook and how I see medicine in general. They have improved me and given me a degree of confidence where there was almost none in that they have made me glad to be a woman. Thank you so kindly for the wonderful work you do. Blessings. Sarah


Dear Susun,
I was very inspired and enthused by your class at the Dandelion Herb
Center! I would like very much to learn about the Wise Woman Way through
your newsletter. Someday I hope to take your correspondance course. Thank you for being who you are. Respectfully, Susan


Dear Susun,
You are a wonderfully intelligent, brilliantly educated and kind woman. Thank you for your great generosity in speaking to me at length Tuesday evening. I am drinking my red clover infusions, eating my yogurt, eating millet, etc. I feel really well and did not go to the surgical appt. This is my body and after all these years, with the incredible energy that comes through your book and your generous self, I reclaim my body and I am learning to love and honor and nurture this self that I had so thoroughly disdained. Thank you again, Susun. May you always be surrounded by the kind and blessed energy you give to the world. Ruth


Dear Susun,
Your menopause book has been absolutely a rock for me the past year- every suggestion you gave to problems that have come up has worked. Denise


I read Breast Cancer, Breast Health a few years ago and it totally influenced my life. I've even bought more copies to give to friends. Thanks ~Susan


Dear Ms. Weed,

I want to thank you for your book Menopausal Years. It has changed the course of my life. Racked with PMS all my life it wasn’t until recently that it was becoming debilitating for weeks at a time. In desperation I was planning a trip to the doctor when you book came my way. For the first time I found information about herbs that seemed relevant to me. All the other herbal books I had read, had the information but the format didn’t work. It was just confusing facts that needed deciphering for personal use. Your book changed that for me. I have always been interested in herbs. I have been using homeopathic for years for my family but this is the first time I’ve got closer to the source through hands on application to treat long standing health issues that I had resigned myself to living with for the rest of my life. I feel a sense of renewal and empowerment I haven’t felt before. Thank you again for the information. Cheers, Kris

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