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Questions and Answers About Goddess Spirituality
What Is Goddess Spirituality?

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If you ask 100 people who practice Goddess Spirituality what it is, you will likely get 101 answers. However, for many people, Goddess Spirituality means experiencing the female aspect of Divinity in whatever way is meaningful to them. That could be learning about how people in the past or currently around the globe have worshipped deities that have the form of women. It can be thinking about Divinity as being female or as having traits that are considered in some cultures to be female, like compassion, motherliness, creativity, closeness to the Earth, among many, many others. It can be finding the Divine within yourself and associating it with those aspects of yourself that you think of as being especially female. It can be many other things, too. It is as individual as you are.


Can you belong to another religion and practice Goddess Spirituality?

Those who consider that they practice Goddess Spirituality come from all different paths, including major religions. Some people find that Goddess Spirituality is their main way of relating to the Divine, while others think of themselves as primarily following a particular religion, but in a way that includes Goddess Spirituality. Many people who practice Goddess Spirituality and do not consider themselves to be part of major religions refer to themselves as Pagans and witches.


What is the relationship of Goddess Spirituality to nature?

Many people who practice Goddess Spirituality feel a special relationship to nature. They may also believe that the female essence of Divinity focuses on nature through an emphasis on creating life and relating in an ethical and caring way to all living beings, among other aspects.


Is Goddess Spirituality related to activism?

Not everyone who practices Goddess Spirituality participates in social, political or ecological causes. However, many people do find that elements of Goddess Spirituality, such as having a close relationship to the Earth, motivate them to be involved in efforts to bring about a more peaceful and ecologically-sustainable world.


How can I find out more?

The Beltane Papers is a magazine that comes out three times a year and contains articles, reviews, fiction, and poetry centered around the diversity of Goddess spirituality practices. You can find out more, and subscribe, by going to The all-volunteer group that produces The Beltane Papers also has a blog at

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