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Intention: the secret to success

By: Jane E. Latimer, M.A.



When we create intention, we set up a powerful energetic container that directs the movement of our lives. When we don't hold any intention, we create confusion and allow others to create intention for us.

Early in my recovery, I clearly created an intention to become a normal eater. I refused to settle for anything else because I did not want to live my life enslaved by food on any level. I wanted freedom. That came to pass in about 3-5 years from the time I came out of denial. My intention for full recovery played a crucial role in what I was able to manifest in my life.

We can create intentions for our life, for chapters of our life and for small segments of our life.
We can create intentions for our day, for the next hour, for the week, for a project, for an endeavor or activity. When we create intention, our thinking process is taking charge of the direction of our energy and events fall into place to support that intention. Without intention, we become passive victims of other's intentions. In fact, "no intention" does not really exist. When there is no conscious intention, we default to the unconscious intention to "experience a random life, carried by the currents that others have set in motion."

I was listening to a tape on real estate last night, and the teacher made an interesting analogy. He said, "when you're driving and come to a cross roads or 4-way stop (for example), how do you know which direction to go? You choose the road that will get you quickest and fastest to where you are headed. If you don't know where you are going, then you won't know which road to take when you come to a crossroads." He was talking about buying real estate for the purpose of investing.

I am talking about full recovery and living in alignment with our true nature-our Essence.

We are always at choice as to how we will relate to a person, place or thing in our life. How we relate to that person, place or thing has to do with our intention. If our intention is coming from our Essence, our spiritual core, then our relationships will bring us fulfillment. If our intentions are non-existent, or negative intents, then our relationships will bring us grief.

Do you know what you are intending about:
Your work?
Your love-life?
Your friendships?
Your money?
Your spirituality?
Your body?
Your recovery?

If you don't, you are drifting.

Successful people in all walks of life utilize the power of their mind to envision where they are going. They use the power of visualization to "see" their success before they get there.

Cynthia Kersey, in her book, Unstoppable, has a chapter head that reads: "What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You. In fact, it can save your life." Then she goes on to give examples of Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Mead and Margaret Thatcher who all pursued dreams without realizing that what they were pursuing was considered "not okay" on some level. They all took actions that went against the norm-actions that would and should not have been taken if they had considered the consequences. For example, Margaret Mead might not have accomplished what she had if she had considered the fact that unaccompanied females "should not have been wandering alone around the jungles of New Guinea and Samoa."

When we become clear that we have a "purpose" and that purpose becomes our intention, the guiding rule for our lives, things begin to fall into place. The intentions that we hold are most powerful when they come from Essence because then they are directly fueled by the passion of our spiritual truth-the reason we are here to begin with.

When I was suffering daily with an out-of-control eating disorder, I didn't know that "recovery was not possible." All I knew was that my eating disorder was not in alignment with my true purpose for living. After all, how could my spirit choose for me to live a life of such suffering? So, I knew deep down that it was my purpose to recover, and recover forever - recover for good. I didn't know the statistics that only about 33% of people actually recover from their eating disorder. I had no idea that I was fighting these odds. I just followed my intuitive knowing and did what I was felt I had to do at each phase of the journey Then, one day I woke up free.

That experience taught me a powerful lesson. It taught me that I had the power within me to change my life circumstance if I was willing to trust my inner knowing, and if I was willing to do the work.

Today, over twenty years later, I am realizing how profound our connection with our spiritual core is. That is what we yearn for. That is what brings us our greatest fulfillment. And when we are taking action that is in alignment with this core, we are fulfilled. When we are taking action out of alignment with this core, we are not fulfilled. At every moment, we have a choice-to act in alignment with our core, or not. Most of us don't. Why? Because we 1) aren't in touch with it, 2) are afraid to take the risks associated with that action, or 3) don't realize the consequences of not taking those actions. The consequences of NOT TAKING ACTION that is in alignment with our Essence is life-devastating. It results in mental or physical illness at best, and accelerated death at worst.

Why live a mediocre life, when we can live a life of unlimited joy, power and magic? Why? Because most of us don't know this is real. I once had a teacher who said, "It's too good not to be true!" What he meant was that the "gooder" life gets, the truer it is! "It's too good to be true," is a lie. But it is what most of us buy into, isn't it? In order get from the mediocre to the extraordinary in our life, we have to create that intention. We have to tell the universe that that is what we want out of life.

Holding intention that comes forth from Essence is the most powerful driving force there is.
But . . . .
Acting as if there is no core.
Pretending there is no intention.
Buying into other people's wishes for us.

These are the reason we never feel fulfilled, remain empty and continue to engage in addictive behaviors.

Anything is possible.
We are the creator's of our destiny.
How we think, is who we become.
Focus the power of your thoughts in the direction of your spiritual calling (at all levels) and you will succeed. Know that is fact.

Blessings on your journey,

Article by Jane E. Latimer, M.A.

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