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ABC of Herbalism
A Correspondence Course with Susun Weed

This is a special course for the aspiring herbalist who'd like to have me "by your side" teaching you how to harvest, prepare, and use 52 healing herbs.
I'll "watch over your shoulder" as you create and use:


Aloe vera gel
Arnica gel
Burdock vinegar & tinct.
Comfrey leaf infusion
Catnip pesto
Chickweed tincture
Dandelion tincture
Elder berry cordial
Echinacea tincture
Fenugreek seed tea
Garden Sage infusion
Garlic honey
Ginger compress

Ginger tea
Hawthorn tincture
Hops tea
Insect repellents
Jewel weed brew
Fermented Kava Kava
Tasty Kelp dishes
Lemon balm tea
Lavender tea & oil
Linden infusion
Medicinal mushrooms
Motherwort tincture
Milk Thistle tincture
Mullein infusion
Nettle infusion
Oatstraw infusion
Olive oil beauty care
Onion juice medicine
Osha root tincture
Peppermint tea
Plantain leaf poultice/oil
Herbal birth control
Red Clover infusion
Raspberry infusion
Rosemary mouth wash
Sacred smoke
St. Joan's wort oil
Skullcap tincture
Thyme tea
Tumeric milk
Uva ursi infusion
Violet leaf oil
Wild cough syrup
Willow vinegar
Witch hazel extract
Wormwood tincture
Yarrow tincture
Yellow dock fun
Zea mays silk tea

Your studies will be both experiential and intellectual.
You will make and use herbal remedies as well as reading about them in a variety of sources.
You will try out my favorite remedies for:

asthma/allergies fevers infections obesity
bladder infections headaches joint pain pain
constipation heart health liver health powerful immunity
cancer indigestion menopause woes sleep problems
earache incredible energy menstrual cramps wounds


Your course materials include:

* Fifty-two herbal projects and twenty health projects to complete at your own pace. (Value $100)

* Guidance in developing a green ally. (Priceless)

* Three hours of phone time to talk with me personally. (Value $300)

* Audio/visual materials (DVDs, CDs, and MP3's).
* PDF versions of Susun Weed books.
* A free year of mentorship access.
* 25% discount at wisewomanbookshop.com (one order).
* Free in-person study at the Wise Woman Center
* Free and discounted video courses
* A year of "Easy Herbal Medicine"
* A beautiful completion certificate

Total price for ABC of Herbalism is $550. (Total value exceeds $850). Pay in eleven $50 installments and receive your course materials as you pay.

Pay in full to receive all your course materials at once.


Here is more information about Susun's ABC of Herbalism Correspondence Course

Register by writing to Susun Weed PO Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498
You may also register online at www.wisewomanbookshop.com

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