Endometriosis: A Holistic Healing Guide
by Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak

Brief Intro


This book is about my personal experience of living with Endometriosis (“Endo”) and how I have come to be pain free. I was not sure how this book would be received but I knew that the techniques I had used and are still using, benefited me greatly so I just had to put pen to paper. I was a little apprehensive initially about how I would put this book together, could I cram all the knowledge I had learned over the years into one simple book that would be easy to use, easy to follow and most important, would bring about positive changes.

This book is for all women across the world who may also suffer from Endometriosis, painful periods and discomfort at that time of the month that we are all familiar with. I hope that the pages to follow will benefit your life and health as they have mine. This book is a for those who feel frightened, out of control, worried, anxious, scared and my hope is that the techniques and advice in this book will go some way to offer you some support.

Endometriosis is now being more widely acknowledged as an illness and there are those who are in conflict whether it is an illness or a condition. Those who have this illness will know that their lives can be completely turned upside down on an emotional, physical and mental level.

As someone who is greatly interested in alternative therapies I have spent many years reading, trying & testing many products and techniques that bring harmony and balance to our mind, body and spirit. A great deal of what is written here comes from my own understanding of Endometriosis. Why I believe I have experienced the illness, my thoughts, feelings, literally ‘my own experience’.

Later in the book I will briefly cover some of what I feel are possible explanations of why Endo occurs but one important thing to remember is that you don’t blame yourself for having Endo. This is a negative attitude and it will not help you. You have to learn to be positive. Learning how to remain calm and bring balance to your life will help. When we are in control we are focused, when we are focused we have mental clarity. When we lose control, we lose focus, we lose interest, and we become ungrounded. We therefore need to take the journey to the inner self to find balance and focus and inner calm. It is hoped that this book will help you bring serenity and peace into your life on some level.

You might be thinking, “Well it’s easy for her to say that, she hasn’t got the same symptoms as me”. Believe me I have suffered, I have been there, frightened and rolling about in agony not knowing what is going on inside of me and not understanding; which is equally as frightening as the pain itself. I have heard many stories, some quite horrific, from ladies who have got Endo. I have found that the greatest help has been to educate yourself and talk to others, share your experiences, learn from others, then we can perhaps begin to understand this illness.

I mentioned earlier getting in touch with the inner side of us. Many of us have lost touch with ourselves through no fault of our own. Getting in touch with our inner emotions and feelings really does help. The stepping-stones for this journey to the self are very small, but are very important. How can you begin to heal or deal with an issue, illness or problem if you don’t know you! It is all so easy to reach out for painkillers and medication when what we should try to do is to find the root cause as to why our body is in pain. I am not saying here that we stop taking medication immediately that would not be a good thing but maybe looking at this illness in another light and trying to understand what is causing it.

Therapies and techniques such as grounding work, meditation and relaxation allow our body the time to rest and gives us a break from day-to-day activity. Meditation is a wonderful tool as it switches off the endless chitchat and chaos that goes on. We take a brief break from life as we allow our body and mind to relax and unwind.

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