Song Of Each New Sun
Morning Ceremony

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Song Of Each New Sun

Excerpt from Songs of Bleeding by Spider

With honor I greet this new day
Great Mystery, I thank you for all of my gifts
MotherEarth, I thank you for the honor of sleeping and walking on your breast
Brother Sun, I thank you for returning your warmth and light this day
Sister of the South, I thank you for the beauty and laughter you bring today
Sister of the West, I thank you for the dreams and visions of the night
Sister of the North, I thank you for the lessons and teachings you bring today
Sister of the East, I thank you for the inspiration of my being here today
Grandmothers, I thank you for your guidance as you speak through my womb cycle today
All My Relations, I honor your presence in this world we share together
I give only kindness and love to all that I meet today


Morning Ceremony

Excerpt from All Our Relations by Spider

Every morning Joe and I wake up and greet the light of Grandfather Sun as the new day begins. We hurry to get dressed and run outside. Our dog Willow follows us with her tail wagging. We can't wait to say 'good morning' to All of Our Relations.

The Stone People smile under our feet as Joe and I gently walk over them on our way through the garden. We say hello to these Grandmothers and Grandfathers. We know that the stones are our oldest ancestors for they have been here since MotherEarth was formed.

I am happy this morning to see the flowers sharing their beautiful colors and fragrant smells with everyone. The bees buzz gratefully and the little butterflies dance around the blossoms, greeting this day in their own ways. I pick a small daisy and tie it into my hair before going on.

Sprouts are coming up everywhere in the garden. Row after row of little green leaves reach through the soil to greet the sunlight. Sunshine will make the sprouts shoot up quickly and soon little flowers will appear and grow into vegetables. Before long, we will be filling our baskets with the blessings of our garden, gifts to us from MotherEarth and FatherSky. Joe and I stand barefoot in the garden, feeling the soil squish between our toes. Under our feet, we can feel MotherEarth's heartbeat. We reach our hands up to the sky and we can feel the golden energy of FatherSky. We know that this is magic.

Big, fluffy clouds roll by overhead. As we watch, they change shapes. I see a dragon and a turtle in the clouds. Another cloud looks like a smiling chubby face. Joe points to a wispy cloud that looks like a bird taking off. On the hills far away, we can see little clouds of fog still clinging to the treetops.

Along the garden's edge, the spiders weave their webs in the tall grass. The many patterns of the spider's webs tell us all the stories of the Earth. The sun's light shines on tiny beads of dew that have collected overnight on the webs and they sparkle. As Joe and I watch the spiders weaving in the grass, we think about all of the things we want to do today. A fly flies by and gets caught in one of the webs. This spider has breakfast. Will we achieve everything we set out to do this day?

We know that each and every one of Our Relations are special and we share our love with them through the sparkle in our eyes. Joe and I know that today is a gift to treasure. We are grateful for our family and all of the gifts we have to share. We laugh and play and enjoy the day until the darkness of night and Grandmother Moon calls us inside to dream again.

Spider is a teacher of Earth connection following the Taino tradition of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle and the Wisdom Wheel teachings of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. Spider is an herbalist and teacher committed to living in harmony with MotherEarth and using her gifts wisely.


Moonlodge JourneyKatie's Journey - Moon lodge Dreams
by Spider
Katie's Journey
Moon Lodge Dreams

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This small but packed full of wisdom book is a must have for every woman-child coming of age, and for every mother, grandmother, big sister, and aunt, to share with the young woman in thier life. Spider takes us on a Journey of coming of age for Katie, in first person, this story is compelling, heartfelt, and filled with wisdom from the ancients.

Nine chapters, fifty eight pages, line drawing illustrations throughout, make this gem an easy to read and cherised guide to womanhood. Spider, the author, dedicates the book to her daughter, and it shows her love and understand for the young woman in bloom. Katie's Journey will guide all entering their moontime in a gentle and compassionate way, making the first period and menstruation a time of joy and celebration, rather than a shameful or confusing time of life.

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