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These pages have been produced for peace on earth

Native American Elders

Sharing the Teachings

Please visit these sites to learn more: Pathways to Spirit is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the provision of material assistance to and cultural preservation of Native Americans on the reservations of South Dakota and along the Front Range of Colorado from Denver to Wyoming. Pathways seeks the easing of the effects of poverty, the reduction of discrimination, and the transmission of Native American languages and way of life across generations. The organization pursues this mission through direct provision of goods and services, education and training, and evolving partnerships with other organizations. Click here to help Wonderful website, newsletter, and educational resource Native Tribes of the US and Canada - contact info.

"White Buffalo Teachings" by Chief Arvol Looking Horse is a new publication well worth reading. It carries an urgent message for our times. The following is an excerpt:

"We need a great healing,
and we need a Great Forgiving.
But healing cannot begin without forgiveness.
We must forgive each other,
Forgive our loved ones,
Forgive our friends,
Forgive our enemies,
Forgive ourselves.
We need to pray even for a person who has done wrong!
In our Tiyospaye - our family, when two people fight they are made brothers or sisters.
Forgiveness itself is a powerful medicine.
We need forgiveness to create PEACE!
Mitakuye Oyasin! (all our relations) in the Great Circle of Life,
where there is no beginning and no end.

To order a copy of this publication contact or write to:

DreamKeepers Press
c/o Pam Rickenbach
PO Box 778
Williamsburg, MA 01096

Seven Directions Movement Meditation DVD VideoSacred Dance for Spirit and Body

White Feather's Seven Directions Movement Meditation White Feather's Seven Directions Movement Meditation
is now on DVD! This dance creates balance and centeredness as earth changes occur, strengthens our vibral core and brings clarity and focus. Dedicated to the generation to come, we keep the teachings of peace alive. Don't forget to check out the Seven Directions Movement Meditation book and CD.

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Click here to read the introduction and an excerpt from The Seven Directions Movement Meditation by Whitefeather

read another excerpt: "Breath"

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The Seven Directions Movement Meditation honors all life. As we move around the circle we remember, "Everything within the circle is sacred, all things outside of the circle is sacred, all is sacred."

- Moses Shongo, Seneca Medicine Man

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