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Dear Friends and Partners in A Global Voice of Peace:

Power of an idea brought into action by deep faith and belief in that idea manifests into reality.

On September 11th, people with strong beliefs and faith in their ideals and purposes perpetrated our homes, our lives, and our psyches with death and fear. That is their purpose and belief.

Power of an idea brought into action by deep faith and belief in that idea manifests into reality.

On Oct. 11th a reflection for us all… at ourselves, at the world we are living and partaking in. In my silence of prayer, I was embraced by the warm comfort and willingness for LOVE/PEACE generated by all of you who offered help and support for A GLOBAL VOICE OF PEACE and sent it out to the world. The responses to this prayer of peace and love from all over the world have been phenomenal, uplifting and inspiring… a testament of FAITH that human beings everywhere are still alive in spirit and are willing to live in LOVE and PEACE, say it openly and do something about in their own way. They are acknowledging and accepting a deeper truth deep inside themselves.

Today, I am devoting myself to prayers and songs of love and peace… I listened to generals at the Pentagon’s Memorial Services send out prayers of love and remembrance. Listening to John Lennon, Linda Creed, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmie Durante, and others… Planting plants of love and remembrance for spirits moving in and out of worlds reaching out by their roots in knowing connection … there were 4 births in my family since Sept.11th… Angels coming into our lives with new stories and hope.

At this pivotal point in our Global lives what is your belief and purpose? When threats of fear begin to creep into your thoughts they travel through your body into your spirit. Hate, defensiveness, retaliation, eye for an eye all rise up. Will this be the answer? Has it been the answer over eons of time?

We see the pain of LOST LOVE for humanity and the planet in the acts of terrorism. In our own generation, many of the peace marches and makers have all passed on through death at the hands of those whose pain is so deep that for them love is covered, twisted and intolerable to the touch or sound. The irony of this act of terrorism has become an act for peace. The meaning of Global citizen has been realized.

On September 11th, knowing they were witnesses to the destruction and killing of lives, those souls on the airplanes and in the buildings used their last sounds to send out words of LOVE to their families. This was an anguished cry for LOVE and PEACE to be heard around the world.

It is time to shift the Paradigm and Power of Purpose to one of LOVE and PEACE. That shift has to come from each and every one of us, so this purpose overrides and overshadows what now exists.

So let us use everyday to find ways of opening our hearts to the doorways of tolerance, acceptance, and acknowledgment of others for who they are, and be guided to action by our own desires of peace and love within ourselves. It is OUR time to show what can be…new and different perspectives that will shift the cycles to one of hope and possibilities, support and strength to make those changes happen.

Instead of war turning the wheels of our economy, let us create ways where peace produces productivity and support of the economy and our lives.


In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

” The non-violent approach does not immediately change the heart of the oppressor. It first does something to the hearts and souls of those committed to it. It gives them a new self-respect: it calls up resources of strength and courage that they did not know they had. Finally, it reaches the opponent and so stirs his conscience that reconciliation becomes a reality.”


In Gratitude and Loving Spirit…
Gylian Solay (previously known as Gylian Creed) 10/11/01



A Global Voice Of Peace Will Continue On The 11th Of Every Month
As A Reminder, A Practice, A Belief, An Activity,
That A New Way Is To Be Realized
Please pass this on in anyway you can….


On this day

may we hear the sounds of Peaceful Silence

As we pray

for all Countries, Lands, Cultures, and Peoples from all walks of life,

To Lay down the arms of battle

and Lift up their arms of Peace…

Embrace the wondrous diversity of us all

and behold the awesome Oneness of creation….


 Invites You to

11 minutes of Prayer
at 11 am New York Time …

11 represents the date
and is a symbol of the 2 World Trade Towers standing side by side,

11/11 is also a symbol of Peace

every ounce of your LOVE'S LIGHT as ONE PEOPLE.
to the sites in New York, Pentagon, Pittsburgh, and wherever there is war

A GLOBAL VOICE of Love's Light EMBRACING all those spirits buried there,
 those who are injured,

their families,
 and the planet
who have suffered a great loss.

from those sites out
to the far reaches of the UNIVERSE
with an energy so powerful
that it will shift the planet's axis


Blessings on our Planet

In Peaceful Spirit…..Gylian Solay

My good friend, Jean Houston, agrees with and supports this initiative