Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine with Susun Weed
August 2004
Volume 4 Number 8
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Your Intuitive Dreams ...
Think and Grow What?
by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

Did you know that your thoughts have the ability to create life? Each thought dancing through your mind generates an emotion. And, each emotion creates a chemical condition in your body. And that chemical condition causes your body, mind and spirit to harmonize into the person you are right now.

Each day, you allow a process of automatic thoughts to run through your mind and contribute to your future welfare or demise. It’s up to you which direction your momentum grows. Are you going in the direction of a positive easy flow? Or, are you going into a direction of a negative easy flow? By taking action and intelligently choosing your thoughts, you can create the positive momentum you most like will better enjoy. Begin by monitoring the automatic thoughts that run through your mind. Pay attention to the nature of these thoughts. They might consist of financial concerns, future plans, simple daily analysis or any assortment of mind exercising chatter. After you have researched and recognized the type of automatic thoughts flushing through your mind, begin to sort these thoughts into two categories. Category A should refer to thoughts that attract positive and necessary events. Category U is for thoughts that attract unnecessary events that are devoid of nurturing energy.

The Cradled Flight  ©2004 DURGA BERNHARDNext, decide what type of present and future you would like to generate. In deciding the future you wish to live, you are beginning a plan that will help you create those opportunities. Once you have designed a visual or mental image of the life you want to live, begin designing thoughts that will allow you to live this plan. If you want to live a life of health, begin thinking as if you are and will remain healthy. Make plans that necessitate good health. Plan to walk long distances. Or, plan a vigorous exercise program. As you make these plans, continue to think, “I am healthy enough to exercise the plans I have made and I will continue to be healthy enough to continue my plans for at least fifty more years.”

If you find a U Category thought automatically come into your mind, (my feet hurt, I am tired, I would rather sit down) refuse to entertain the thought. If you find yourself thinking, “I am afraid that I will hurt myself or grow tired as I exercise,” consciously tell yourself that you are thinking a U Category thought. Push the U Category thoughts into an imaginary envelop that holds and excretes all unnecessary or harmful thoughts. Continue to monitor your thoughts and create groups of positive thought and action. (I am going to be beautiful, I am beautiful, I am healthy) Allow only A Category thoughts to remain in your mind while all other thoughts are forced out and away from your physical being.

As you practice the above method of thought sorting, you will quickly learn to entertain only helpful and necessary thoughts. You will automatically learn to push aside and avoid thoughts that are unnecessary, untrue and destructive in nature. And, you will learn to more easily train your mind to recognize all that is flowing into its environment, but allowing only the positive to remain and influence your life.

If you find difficulty when attempting to remove yourself from U category (unnecessary) thinking, try the following simple exercises.

1. Begin an activity that you enjoy. You may choose walking, writing, a small business venture, dieting, exploring art or any other physically and mentally stimulating action. Each time you find yourself entertaining a U thought, tell yourself STOP and then begin the activity.

2. Each time you find yourself entertaining a U thought, repeat with your mind’s voice, the exact opposite of the thought. For example, if you find the U thought, “I have been mistreated my whole life”; stop this thought and repeat with your minds voice, “I have been treated well my whole life.” Changing your thought changes the reality of your future. While focusing on the negative allows the negative to continue to approach into your present and future.

3. Begin to ask for help. Allow those who are in your closest circle of friends and family to help you. Ask them to remind you to be more positive. Allow them to say to you, “I hear your words speaking a U thought.” While you are not open to other individuals to telling you how to think, you might trust a few close individuals to observe and help you recognize when you have fallen into U thinking.

4. Be kind to yourself. Changing the way one thinks is not an easy or quick task. You have developed your thinking patterns for many years. And, you will need to practice the above methods, with intent, for the rest of your life. So, be kind to yourself and love yourself while you are practicing.

Living Your Intuitive Dreams: A Self-Discovery Workbook
by sHEALy
Living Your Intuitive Dreams is a self-help manuscript created by modern intuitionist, sHEALy. Living Your Intuitive Dreams  helps you creat the life of your dreams. Dream of prosperity, good health, love, companionship, fun and adventure.

You can have all of these things when you work through the exercises and record in the three journals available in this manuscript. Living Your Intuitive Dreams is filled with spirit guides, angels, magical incantations and best of all; instructions on how to perform a psychic reading for yourself and others.

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Intuitive Development
WWU Online Course by sHEALy

You will learn what intuition really is and what it is not, how to be more intuitive by aligning with your natural abilities, how to perform an intuitive reading and how to continue your intuitive development.

This class is taught from a spiritually organic point of view-thus is not a class for the students who wants to be "told" why and who they are in this life. You will be given lessons and readings that promote spiritual growth that leads to the desire to be more intuitive and the ability to be more intuitive.

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