Weed Wanderings Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed
December 2004
Volume 4 Number 12
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Empower Yourself...
Art as Co-Creation
by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner

ART CO-CREATES PEACE Earth is heading for a major shift (change or metamorphosis) whereupon we are being given the chance to create a world more balanced and peace filled. Ancient cultures, such as Goddess related ones, speak about a time on earth that was peaceful and that lasted for approximately 2000 years, (see Marija Gimbutas, "The Language of the Goddess”.) Gimbutas tells us of a time when women were revered and brought to their cultures a way of life that included respect for the earth and all of nature.

It is the belief of many people around the world that it is time to call upon our feminine energy to balance the more dominant "male" way of operating— male being one of dominance, suppression and oppression. Feminine energy brings respect for and communication with nature, and a chance to bring us back into a peaceful balance with the energies of the universe.

The universe has intention. In the universe and deep within our cellular structures are what are called innate intelligences. (See Barbara Marx Hubbard and her Conscious Evolution site www.evolve.org).When we can align with that intention we can become the co-creators of a new world. We can tap into the collective, discover our purpose and align ourselves with the intention of the universe. Becoming ONE with the universal forces is a major application toward bringing peace on this peace-starved planet.

ART AS CO-CREATION In attempting to discover what art has to do with this co-creation I have integrated a technique into my artistic process called co-creative science. Based on Machaelle Small Wright’s work (www.perelandra-ltd.com) it is a technique that invites nature intelligences and other consciousnesses into the human soul’s process of creating. Machaelle herself created a garden, but she has offered a process by which we can co-create with nature by what she calls the soil-less garden—which for me translates into my art projects and my life’s work.

Co-creation is about allowing nature intelligence a say in what goes into the creation of the image, and the created energy that the image eventually radiates. Co-creation is a direct communication with the energy of nature consciousness. It is our opportunity to work with nature to bring balance, harmony and peace back into our lives.

My path is to create a new and unique art form in partnership with nature. I am co-creating art as a form of expressing vibratory healing energy. When my painting is viewed it touches the viewer on an unconscious level, triggering cellular memory—possibly the memory of a time and place where society lived in balance and in peace—activating the desire within the viewer to reexperience their own balance and inner peace. The viewer is empowered to follow their own dreams, find their true vocation in life, and live their own truth.

Nature is the consciousness that is intimately linked with form. Art (or anything you create for that matter) produced in conscious communication with nature intelligence can be a powerful way to spark inner and outer transformation—for myself as well as the viewer. Here is Machaelle Small Wright’s understanding of nature spirits (intelligence): “My work with the nature spirits has convinced me that they are truly masters of understanding, bringing spirit into matter, energy into form...In short, they constantly work with the principle of manifestation on Earth.”

It is this cooperation with nature that I seek—to become a partner with nature. Nature as understood by Machaelle is not just plants and trees, but ALL FORM, remembering that everything is basically energy when reduced to it’s final equation. The paper is energy, the paint is energy, etc. Everything that has come into form has done so because nature has given form an order and organization.


Balance by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner“Balance”
Bringing balance into our lives is the key to living and bringing peace into our worlds, both the inner and outer worlds in which we live. Tom Kenyon says in his book “The Magdelan Manuscript,” “The key to a fruitful creation whether it be cosmic or individual was seen (during pagan consciouness) as a balance between these forces (spirit and matter).” The forces he speaks of are the human soul spirit connection, and nature. In Machelle Small Wright’s co-creative process books she says this partnership strikes what she calls an involution/evolution balance in our lives. A balance that we once had when we created hand in hand with nature; whereas today without this co-creation we have the human soul creating imbalance in every aspect of our world. When we can return to having respect for the forces of nature intelligence and elicit a conscious co-creation with nature is when we may have the opportunity to bring balance and peace back into our individual lives that make the way for peace in our outer world.


Gaia Harmonica by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner“Gaia Harmonica” Initially commissioned to represent the Venus Transit of June 8, 2004, considered to be an event that is a breakthrough for INTUITIVE awareness into Oneness.
She is the energy vibrating to us a call for the awareness of a new world view of Oneness through global communication—communication by the means of the human intuitive system and not one of technology. She speaks about the awareness of a field of consciousness that favors telepathic communication that will transform Gaia into a new being. Sychronicities will increase and feelings of connectedness will be on the rise. Imagine a world without secrets. What would life be like if intentions or thoughts can not be hidden? Having clear visibility would give us more of a choice as how to relate to others. Honesty and truthfulness will breed love and harmonious relationships and a feeling of oneness. Relationships between people or groups will begin to harmonize to the degree where we truly understand that hurting another is the same as hurting yourself. We can begin to become one in a very real sense.


The Change by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner"The Change"
Discarding her past In the inbetween time Where it is murky and gray though golden hues hint of the magic she has acquired.

She recreates herself From once a beautiful butterfly Comes a soul deepening Growing a new kind of wings Wings with wisdom and vision

The Change of Life is a physical transformation. It is a time for self-reflection, but most importantly the pause of menses. It is known that blood holds deep wisdom. From the primordial ooze to the glories of everlasting life she carries her wisdom within. Her gaze towards even more enlightenment holds promise that she will create a new life free from the past, full of the essence of Goddess—unconditional love and service to others. She is a powerful metaphor for all kinds of changes-our world is in constant transformation. When we can accept change as being something powerful and life enhancing we open to the metamorphosis process more easily.


Happy Mudra by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner "Happy Mudra" Creating inner peace by using the wisdom of the ancient Yogis can be utilized by all human souls. Mudras are yoga movements involving the arms and hands and are so powerful they can transform your life. This particular mudra releases stress to achieve the desired inner peace. Children have the ability to be an active participant in creating their own healthy, peaceful lives. As a “starchild” it is especially important to have a practice that aligns ones soul with the concept of peace.


"I create art because there is a powerful inner calling that directs me—a deep desire and intention to share my profound gifts with others. Creating art is magical, and provides a healing force which benefits me as well as my viewer. When I am in that transformative space I am reminded that there is much more to this life than just the outer things. The reality is that it is the inner imagination that creates the outer world. Through this expression I offer others a chance to “see” a different perspective of life. I am often guided by listening and watching the wonder of nature. I use animal and plant wisdom to give voice to certain ideas or themes. For example, “bear” in many ancient cultures symbolizes “going within.” I explore the “dark” side of life, and question why we choose to experience dark moments. What I have discovered is that the dark is an important aspect to human beings. It helps us to see more clearly the “light” and to be in gratefulness for what we do have. The more we recognize the light, the closer we get to remembering who we really are, Divine Spirit! "Painting the Goddess or “The Divine Feminine” has been my celebration of the ongoing rhythm of life. The Divine Feminine represents the giver of life. She is the tree of life, she is the seed, she is the creative force—that which represents the birth-death-rebirth process of life. She stands for the oneness of all humankind!"

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Suzanne Cheryl Gardner is calling up feminine energy. “The image of the “feminine/Goddess” is key to the transformation of our culture. As we begin to physically see new symbols of female power we are spiritually reminded of the importance of a life balanced with both masculine and feminine energy.” Through symbolism, color, and subject matter my images reveal a world that has been secreted away for too long. As an artist my calling is to reclaim the truth for the feminine aspect of human nature. My path is to create a new and unique art form in partnership with nature. I am co-creating art as a form of expressing vibratory healing energy. When my painting is viewed it touches the viewer on an unconscious level, triggering cellular memory—possibly the memory of a time and place where society lived in balance and in peace—activating the desire within the viewer to reexperience their own balance and inner peace. The viewer is empowered to follow their own dreams, find their true vocation in life, and live their own truth. Creating images for commercial ventures and illustration pieces for projects is part of her goal towards encouraging others to remember the feminine. She also creates “Empowerment Paintings” on commission, embodying images and symbols to inspire and empower individuals, couples, families or groups. You may purchase PRINTS, one-time rights to DIGITAL Images, or Note Cards on her website at www.suzannesart.com or email her at biz@suzannesart.com

Suzanne Cheryl Gardner
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