Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
December 2009
Volume 9 Number 12

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Staying Healthy Naturally
by Ariella

Staying Healthy Naturally
by Ariella

I am an intelligent person. I chose to be a highly informed citizen for a long time: from before I was old enough to vote I worked on political campaigns; but about a year and a half agoIndigene Art Forms I realized that being informed means putting not beautiful things into my mind, and I decided this is not nurturing to me, that I could invest my energy otherwise - so I made the decision to release my mind from the bondage of outside input to the greatest extent possible while remaining in the world. It has worked very well as far as goes the people I have attracted to me in my surroundings!

There are a lot of people living in fear who just aren't quite sure how to feel empowered in the midst of a lot of media-hype that activates so many feelings of fear - who would otherwise like to be empowered. So, allow me to share my insight about how to respond to these fears & to empower you with some practical steps you can take to regain your feeling of being in-control.

Recognize that fear is the opposite of faith. If you have fear, learn to replace what you are scared of with faith about the same thing! If you are scared that the world is full of potential attacks on you, instead have faith that the world supports you and use the law of attraction to experience this in a practical way: notice the ways your body supports you, the people in your life support you, how your body supports you, and give your power - the power of your attention - to things that support your good feelings rather than your fear feelings. This is called personal responsibility - taking responsibility for your health, happiness & peace of mind. Nobody else can create this for you!

Learn how to meditate on symptoms. Symptoms are a message to you. Each one of us experiences the symptoms that correspond to what issues in our lives, in our minds and bodies and spirits, that need to be addressed. If you have low self-esteem, it is a deficit of spirit in your being! If you have throat problems, it relates to issues of self-expression; If you have mental problems, you are giving too much attention to your mind and/or emotional mind.

You must learn to meditate, to be fully present with your being - your breath in your body. These problems manifest as ways to call your attention to an area of your life, which includes your mind and body. When you take responsibility for healing your life, you will feel empowered. If you neglect to take responsibility, your symptoms will continue to be a thorn in your side (or wherever they are ailing you)!

How does this apply to epidemics like the Swine Flu and Mexican Flu? They are symptoms to call your attention to becoming strong, rather than being susceptible to being weakened by them! That's what this is all about: taking responsibility for your divine strength, no longer parading around as a weak human being - that's wearing a mask, although you may not know it because your family, culture, religion, education, etc. may have all nurtured your intellect to think you are a weakling, susceptible to eventual destruction, which is inevitable and beyond your power to control. That's a limiting thought, and I challenge you to kick it out of your mind right now and never look back! Replace it with the thought, "I am the authority in all areas of my life".



YOU are the object of your conscious awareness. Wherever YOU go, it goes. Since most of us are pretty grounded in our human body and mind, your personal body and mind is the general location of YOU - of your conscious awareness. Congratulations! You've maintained your body this far!

Each day, your body either becomes more healthy and flexible or less healthy and less flexible.

Make a goal of doing something everyday to elevate your personal health and flexibility - with this as your personal commitment, you also uplift and inspire the other people around you to achieve similar goals, which in turn supports your goal. Therefore, all your efforts are multiplied infinitely!

BREATH: 70% of toxins are eliminated by the breath - or if you are not breathing, 70% of toxins are stored in your lungs! So, the more efficiently and effectively (full, long & deep) you breathe, the more pure and clean your lungs are, thus your body is that much more free of toxins! The other 30% of toxins are controlled by sweating, urination & defecation. Develop a relationship with these parts of your body by learning about them, how they work and how to care for them. This puts you in charge. Knowledge IS power. If there is knowledge, then there is power.


Breathing exercises: look up breath of fire on youtube.
Alternate nostril breath: hold the right thumb against the right nostril. Sit in a noble posture. Inhale deep through the left nostril, then use the ring finger of the right hand to block the left nostril and exhale completely through the right nostril. Keeping the left nostril blocked, inhale deep through the right nostril. Then replace the thumb on the right nostril and exhale deep through the left nostril. Repeat this pattern at least 2 times for a total of 3 repetitions, or longer until you feel complete and relaxed.


Ujayii breathing: lie down in a corpse posture. Tune in with your regular breathing rhythm, then transition breath to nostrils if it is not already. (If nostrils are blocked, use neti pot - a good daily practice for health anyway; also use a facial steam with eucalyptus essential oil (steaming hot water with eucalyptus in a pot or bowl, with towel over head, breathe long and deep until you feel clear. Do not burn your face - also a good time to open-up pores for cleansing or home facial. Also, use a nasal inhaler of Olbas Oil.) Let the tongue curl into the back of the throat. As you breathe, allow the breath to become long and deep... practice counting the inhale and exhale, pausing between until the next breath comes naturally, and even making the exhale up to 2 times as many counts as the inhale - the longer the exhale, the more relaxed your nervous system becomes. Feel a slight cool sensation in the back of the throat as you inhale, and allow your breath to be noisy, like Darth Vader from Star Wars. The tongue in the back of the throat activates secretion of free narcotics produced by the body, and stimulates production of white blood cells - the immune fighters!

Combining your breath with various body positions, targeting areas that are less flexible, you have the opportunity to move this powerhouse cleaning tool through areas where energy is stopped-up and to free it up. Your body is 100% flexible in potential!


Exercises for immune strengthening:

sit in an easy posture, like legs crossed on the floor and hips elevates.

Bring both arms shoulder level, parallel to the floor, then forward 30 degrees so they are in-line with your thighs (if thighs are crossed, like sitting in meditation).

Put the right palm forward and press the ring and pinkie fingers into the palm with the thumb, joining the index and middle fingers and pointing them out to the side, making the hand and arm as solid as steel.

Bring the fingers & thumb of the left hand together, palm facing the ground. Move the palm up and down 10-12 centimeters, inhaling through the mouth as the hand comes up and exhaling as it goes down. Move the hand rapidly. The breath should sound like a steam engine. All the while, the right arm remains as hard as steel.

Continue for 11 minutes, taking a brief rest if necessary. You can begin with 3 minutes and add 1 minute a day until 11 minutes is accomplished. After 11 minutes, inhale deep and hold the breath for 30 seconds, then release. Inhale again and hold it for 20 seconds, then release. Inhale again and hold for 10 seconds, then release. Inhale for 5 seconds and release. Each time you inhale and hold your breath, visualize that all of the molecules in your body stand completely still in their place. This exercise is complete.

If your arms hurt, your potassium level is low - eat 2 bananas. If your head hurts, work on your posture - many people need to pull in their chin to create a clear and unobstructed flow of energy through the body! Head hurting means the flow of oxygen to the head is obstructed. Meditate on what could be causing this and correct it. Meditate on other symptoms that occur to learn their cause.


Combine the previous exercise with this exercise:

Face the palms against each other, using fingers and thumbs to hold opposite hands. Bring hands to heart and face right palm towards heart. Push your palms into each other, engaging all the muscles in your hands, arms, upper body and ribs so tight that it shakes. Inhale and hold 15 seconds then release breath and relax muscles. Repeat 2 times, for a total of 3 repetitions.

Bow to yourself in honor for doing these practices. You may also choose an affirmation, such as 'I am healthy' 'I Sparkle' 'I am inspiring' 'I am Beautiful' 'I am Love' 'I am intelligent' 'I am a Queen (or King) of personal responsibility' and continue bowing to yourself at least 8 times, or until you feel complete. All of this information is about feeling good. Feeling good is our birthright - and it is our personal joy to take responsibility for creating this!

Do this daily - try a 40 day commitment as a container to move energy within, and see how your transformation progresses after 40 days!


More gifts from your body:

Ginger & Lemon tea with honey as a throat comfort & to stimulate strong digestive fire!

Roast garlic (with other veggies like carrots, red peppers) and eat with cream cheese, kalamata olives, olive oil, spinach, etc. on toasted french bread! Lekker! (Means yummy in Dutch!)

If you feel sickness coming on: boil ginger and scallions for at least 6 minutes, then drink as a tea or broth... a Chinese remedy

Well, there is a lot I have forgotten, and even more I would like to share... but this is a good start! I look forward to being on this journey of health with you!



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