December 2010
Volume 10 Number 12
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Divine Feminine Soul
New Moon In Sagittarius

by Kathy Crabbe



 Sagittariuss. Mixed media on board, 24 x 36 inches. © 1997 by Kathy Crabbe


New Moon Musings

By Kathy V. Crabbe


New Moon In Sagittarius – December 5, 2010.


Get ready to release and let go of unnecessary baggage as we enter the dark time of the year, shedding all that is no longer necessary so that we can enter into the New Year like a baby, ready for a fresh start.


This month the New Moon enters the fiery, mutable sign of Sagittarius, symbolized by the Archer. During your New Moon Meditation allow yourself to sense the wild beating heart of the she-stallion riding through a moonlit night. You are Artemis, goddess of the hunt and your untamed beauty shares the saddle with no man. You are the protector of many, both Amazon, and virgin moon-goddess. Elder twin of the Sun, beloved by many, take time to cherish the Sagittarius within, for she is your sister, your fierce beating heart, and a salute to your unquenchable thirst for adventure.


 When the Moon enters Sagittarius on December 5th get ready to:


- Seek new horizons - let the quest begin

- Explore worlds without maps

- Be outrageous

- Look to the future

- Seek freedom from all oppression




I stretch my horizons to envision the big, big picture

I see the glorious possibilities in everything

I am free of all restrictions

I inhale optimism, courage and speed

I trust in life

I am lucky

My courage protects me and my sisters and brothers


More About The Lunar Cycles


“Female nature is profoundly lunar at its biological base” ~ Vicki Noble.


The new moon is the perfect time of the month to plant seeds of intention for the month ahead. It is a time of trust, of beginnings and of letting go into intuition. The sign that the moon is in reflects qualities of your inner self and being-ness. Each month there is at least one new moon that will rise at sunrise and set at sunset. Astrologically speaking this means that the sun and the moon are in conjunction. Take time to realign with the moon each month because with practice you’ll discover that you can create all you desire and so much more.


Sagittariuss. Mixed media on board, 24 x 36 inches. © 1997 by Kathy Crabbe


Sagittarius – the Archer


Time of Year – November 21 to December 21

Quality – Mutable

Element – Fire

Planetary Ruler – Jupiter

Anatomy – Hips, liver, thighs

Natural Sign of – 9th house

Color – Dark blue, pale green, purple

Gemstone – Obsidian, silica, turquoise

Tarot Card – Temperance


Sagittarius Meditation


In Sag’s truth my fears dissipate as

My dreams open to expand us all.


Artemis. Mixed media on board, 24 x 36 inches. © 1997 by Kathy Crabbe


Sagittarius Goddess ~ Artemis


Artemis, Artemis

Goddess of the wood

You are bows and arrows, death and birth

Midnight revels and pregnant mirth.

Wild woman, child, hunter of beast,

We find our true self when we dance at your feast.


Artemis is the virgin moon-goddess roaming the forest with her band of nymphs, bearing the bow and quiver, avoiding men and killing any male who looks upon her. She was also known as the many-breasted Artemis of Ephesus, a symbol of fecundity, and as the warlike Artemis said to have been the special goddess of the Amazons.


Enough. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe


Introducing The Moon Muses


The Moon Muses are intuitive guides and question askers that offer insight and wisdom along with exercises to heal and inspire you. They are creative leap takers forming a glowing moonlit bridge between your rational self and your higher self, a self that dwells in pure intuition, clairvoyance (clear seeing), meditative reflection and dreaming. This month you will meet Gemstone Muse, Obsidian and a Creative Soul Guide® by the name Enough. I encourage all of you to create a Moon Musing Journal to record your monthly moon explorations (more about this in my eClass, Awaken the Divine Feminine).

My Version of Sagittarius: Enough

“Enough” is part of a series of 500 or so left-handed (my non-dominant hand!) drawings I created over a period of five years. These drawings were later turned into an oracle card deck that I use for giving Creative Soul Readings.

Enough has appeared to remind us to celebrate. You deserve to have fun, Sag. Style! And to start things off we’re going to play a game to let off some steam, release some poison arrows, and make some real changes in our lives. Sound like fun? You’ll need to find a dartboard or make one using the image above. Then place an image or a word symbolizing what is really pissing you off right now in the center of the dartboard at the bull’s eye.

Bull’s Eye Exercise

Who or what is holding you back and pissing you off right now? Make a list of at least 3 things.




Now, get ready to shoot some poison arrows at your dartboard and don’t forget to make a lot of NOISE when you hit the target! Remember, this is just a game, so have fun, invite some friends and get nasty – you’ll feel much better in the morning!

A Message from Obsidian

Obsidian dares us to probe the depths of our souls, to shine light into our dark recesses, as we quest, question and leap into faith. Obsidian also shines light upon our blockages and asks us ‘why’, quite bluntly.


An Obsidian Healing Exercise


What part of your mystical soul needs re-awakening?


Where do your deepest shadows grow?


What fears are hidden deep within your soul and how can you release them and their hold upon you?

About Kathy Crabbe

Kathy Crabbe is a Creative Soul Guide who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. Her art and writing have been published and shown throughout the world at museum shows, galleries, magazines and books. Through online resources Kathy is able to help other soul seekers express their unique gifts and talents in empowering ways. She maintains a blog and website sharing her experiences with the psychic, intuitive realms and the world of art making. You can find her online at





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