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January 2011
Volume 11 Number 1
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woman's health, women's wisdom

Blue Jane Art
Blue Jane Art

My art involves visionary fantasy and realism. As a nature lover, my subjects are wildlife, landscapes and plant life. Sometimes when I am in the garden or the forest, I swear I can almost see fairies. I like to bring these vision to life in my art work.

My work is both in painting and sculpture. My artistic aim is to work  as honestly as possible. This means staying true to my vision. For me, the quiet dream time is best for concentrating. I like to work at night when everyone and everything is sleeping and dreaming, except for the nocturnal, like me. 

I love creating something that can enjoyed and hopefully touch a healing spark within.
It is important to me to keep my art affordable for everyone.

http://www.ezsleepsolutions.com/ EZ Sleep Solutions is a consumer website that takes a light-hearted and alternative approach to sleep and insomnia and includes products, videos, articles and interactive activities designed to relax and uplift the spirit. The website serves as a one stop shop for sleep-friendly product. Our in-house video team (Skinny on Sleep) writes and produces playful videos on all featured products with the same cast of characters, The Sleepytime Players. This will hopefully make people laugh and build trust. The site also features articles, Interviews and exercises on alternative remedies for sleep including yoga, herbs, Feng Shui, nutrition, and more.


Susun-weed-will-be-in-ashland-oregon Susun will be in Ashland, Oregon February 24-26, 2011.Thursday - Book signing Alchemy Botanicals (time TBA). Evening lecture at 7pm. Ashland Community Center. Sliding scale $20-$50. Saturday - Workshop at 10am - 4pm at Ashland Food Coop. Sliding scale $75-$125. For more information please contact Candace Cave by calling 541-324-6021 or emailing her cancave@msn.com. Want the best information on keeping your sexual and reproductive organs at the top of their form? Come with your questions about any part down there: pelvic floor, bladder, vulva, clitoris, vagina, uterus, ovaries, penis, testes, and prostate. Learn about complementary and integrative medicines, herbal and homeopathic remedies, energy therapies, even drugs and surgery. Gain solid information on staying healthy down there, as well as specific ways to deal with problems - including trauma and dis-ease.


Susun Weed is pleased to announce her new website nourishingherbalinfusion.com. Read, listen, watch and learn about the benefits of drinking nourishing herbal infusions.  Susun highlights her four favorite infusions while offering resources for expanding your knowledge.  ~  Green Blessings 


http://web.me.com/mysticcher/MysticArtMedicine/Home.html Working intimately with Nature, Cher Lyn feels her/our co-creative ventures with intention transform energy through the creative expression with intention. Self taught she’s developed her own unique style while painting in daily dedication since 1986. “The Mystic Art Medicine Cards reflect much of my life’s work. They have the potential to inspire, awaken and open physic doorways. Imbued with codes, they ignite seeds to awaken memories instilled deep within the DNA, and assist in advocating personal responsibility in life experiences, offering tools toward change rather than passively accepting the victim role.” A box set includes 64 cards plus 158 page illustrated booklet. $35.00 US dollars, plus shipping and handling.


http://vibrationalchild.com/blog/ Are you ready to create a family? Connect with the soul of your child before you conceive or adopt, melt obstacles in your path, and navigate this magical time of your life consciously. Connect deeply with your inner wisdom about childbirth and create your birth experience in collaboration with the soul of your child. Vibrational Child offers tools for empowerment and growth to help parents create their family in partnership with one another and with the soul of their child. You are the perfect parent to nurture your child so that he or she may live fully and joyfully, connected to Source.


Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year
http://www.childbearing-year.com/ Check out Susun Weed’s new site dedicated to her book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, now in its 24th printing. Read reviews, excerpts and articles. This book has helped three generations of women conceive, carry and give birth naturally. Chapters cover herbal fertility agents and herbs for birth control; safe, simple home remedies for the common complaints of pregnancy; alternative medicines for complications of labor and delivery; and effective remedies for the distresses of newborns and new moms. Complete instructions make using this book easy and fun.

http://www.healingspiritsherbfarm.com/ Our 30 acre farm is located in the hamlet of Wallace, near Avoca, in the beautiful Finger Lakes of western New York. The resident bees are happy to pollinate our organically certified herbs and provide us with great tasting honey and beautiful beeswax. Our goal has always been to live a simple, gentle, fun-filled life on the land, raising a family in harmony with all of creation. We have been blessed to be caretakers of this land for 30 years, raising our five children here, and now two of our grandchildren live here with their parents. We believe by working the land organically and biodynamically, being in rhythm with the land, we are able to harvest the very finest quality, high energy medicinal herbs. With these herbs we make teas, tinctures (extracts), salves, creams, infused oils, liniment and flower essences. We take care of the land and the land takes care of us.



http://www.islawomensretreat.com/ Women’s Retreats – creating a sacred circle of support, compassion, abundance and replenishment as we weave together our stories and wisdom, becoming midwives of our dreams and visions. Yoga & journey to ancient sites; or call 440 779-6727; email kfrlisw@aol.com
March 12 - 19, 2011
Portals to the Self: A Women's Circle by the Sea; Isla Mujeres, Mexico; an island in the Caribbean, sacred to Ixchel, the Mayan Moon Goddess and historically a place for healing rituals among the Mayan people. www.nabalam.com
September 10 - 18, 2011
Ayni: A Women’s Circle in Peru; Cuzco, Sacred Valley of the Incas & Machu Picchu; a spiritual and cultural journey for mind, body and soul with authentic ceremonies led by practicing healers who are seers in the Andean tradition. www.willkatika.com


http://www.writeaboutbirth.com/ Write About Birth is a blog dedicated to physiological childbirth, with a focus on homebirth and unassisted homebirth. Journalist, feminist, and mother of two Olivia Van Buren, who had one midwife-attended homebirth and one unassisted homebirth, shares practical tips to help women prepare for childbirth. On Write About Birth, you can find information about pregnancy, childbirth, and reproductive rights from a crunchy perspective. Because birth matters – it lays the foundation for mothers and babies alike.



http://www.starwest-botanicals.com/ Starwest Botanicals, Inc. Celebrating 35 years in the Natural Products Industry! Offering an extensive selection of botanicals, culinary herbs and spices, including many certified organic varieties; specially formulated seasoning blends, jars and pouches, teas, herbal supplements, and essential oils. We are a Certified Organic Processor, supporting organic and sustainable agriculture, and a Kosher Certified Facility. All products are gluten-free and non-irradiated.


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