March 2011
Volume 11 Number 3
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Earth Woman Wisdom

Womb of Creation
by Roslyne Sophia Breillat

Earth Woman Wisdom
Womb of Creation - part one
 © Roslyne Sophia Breillat

mentor at the Wise Woman University

A woman’s life encompasses many cycles of transformation and renewal, each one inviting her to open and deepen her heart-centred womb consciousness through truly honouring the sacredness of puberty, menstruation, lovemaking, conception, pregnancy, birthing, mothering, menopause and beyond. And our world is in turmoil because such sacredness is currently lacking upon this earth.

Gratitude for all that our Earth Mother gives us and gratitude for the grace of the timeless feminine womb wisdom mystery has lost its natural place within the individual, within the family, within the community and within society. For to honour the womb is to honour life.



And to honour life is to honour the womb. And to honour the womb is to honour the creative power of the female essence and the creative power of the earth. She, Shakti, the radiant female spirit of the womb, awakens and comes forth through deeply entering the body during meditation, menstruation, lovemaking, birthing. She awakens through singing, through dancing, through creativity, through being with and loving the earth from an inner place of gentled gratitude and grace.

And her power and her wisdom can awaken most profoundly when a woman consciously embraces the spiritual truth of her menopausal journey. For this is when the deep cauldron of the womb offers much transformation, as she, Shakti, prepares to bestow the elderwoman’s power, wisdom and experience to a woman’s partner, to her children, to the market place, to the community, to the earth. 
A woman can easily become distracted by the demands of the outer world, forgetting that the joyous wisdom of Shakti’s deep and silent and ancient power awaits within her womb, within her innate affinity with nature, within the spiraling rhythm of her moon cycles, within the abundant beauty of the land. It is now time for her to awaken, to arise, to reunite with her true nature, her true womb nature, and to return to her rightful place as the wise female custodian of gentle yet powerful love upon this glorious earth. The receptive nature of the feminine psyche is sensitively open to myriad outer influences.

Every woman carries the storm of the world’s ignorant and forceful conditioning in her womb. She carries the personal and collective pain of physical, emotional and sexual trauma. She carries the personal and collective pain of aggressive abortions and barbaric birthing practices. She carries fathomless grief and sorrow for all of her wise and beautiful sisters who have been persecuted and burned at the stake or tortured in countries at war. And she carries the personal and collective pain of every man who has ever violated the feminine spirit.

   When a woman’s womb is loved and acknowledged as a free flow of love and a powerful source of healing, her outer and her inner life begin to change. She softens, she opens, she flowers, she surrenders, she deepens. She becomes more vital. She becomes more alive. She radiates a natural sensuality, a joyful innocence and a divine presence of grace. She walks, moves and speaks differently as she becomes more aligned with the miraculous dance of life. For although the womb’s gift of openness must be freely given wherever and whenever it is needed, it can only be given in surrender, acceptance and trust.

And this womb, like the earth, radiates a powerful presence. For this presence is love. And when the womb is open and in the ever-deepening process of being loved and healed, a woman becomes whole, becomes free. This is not the sentimental chocolate box love of commercial birthday cards and sparkling Christmas greetings. This is not the dramatically emotional love of the latest movies and television sitcom shows. This is not the idealised romantic love of mythical fairy tales and princesses.

This is a molten golden glow of love, a divinely still presence of love, a powerful and ecstatic wave of love, a passionate and wild fire of love, an unfettered and uninhibited river of love, a fine and subtle vibration of love. This is a deep dark void of loving mystery. And this is a profound emptiness that is filled and fulfilled and refilled by being spontaneously free to emanate its unconditional nature through becoming entirely what it is.

   Many women upon this earth right now are courageously opening to their natural place of fully and creatively living and loving from the potent power, fire and passion of this universal womb energy. And many men upon this earth right now are courageously opening to giving to and receiving this energy. Yet many women are hesitant, self-doubtful and afraid of their womb power and its capacity to transform and heal, and many men are scornful, fearful and ignorant of this universal womb energy as the vital essence that creates union between all upon and beyond this earth.

Every man and woman upon this earth right now is being invited to take part, and to be an integral part, of this universal awakening of the womb which is the source of woman’s ancient wisdom, her female truth and her divine love. The rape of the forests, the pollution of the oceans, the destruction of the deserts, the devastation of war, the extinction of many animals, birds and insects are all created by the profound lack of respect and acknowledgement of this feminine well of wisdom and its vital thread of connection with every being.

   The sacred and silent and timeless words of woman’s womb call to the dark womb of the night, “I am love, I am love, I am love.” And the wise and ancient words of woman’s womb call to the potent womb of the earth, “I am love, I am love, I am love.”  But how many truly hear her call? And how many dare to heed her message of truth, to surrender to her emanation of power and creation and to graciously and gratefully receive her radiant glory, her passionate fire, her Holy Grail of love? For now, in this moment, more than ever, this ancient feminine wisdom of the womb is profoundly needed upon this earth.

Copyright Roslyne Sophia Breillat ©
Not to be reproduced without author’s permission

Online courses offered by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
BEING WOMAN - She of the Earth…
DAWNING OF WISDOM ~ Beginning the Journey of Menopause

Sophia is a wise woman who lives, writes, and paints from the heart. Her prolific articles and paintings embrace the wisdom and grace of the female essence and the beauty of the earth. She is acknowledged as a powerful and honest writer whose creative work features throughout many international websites and magazines. Her website is an abundant offering of female wisdom that nurtures and inspires.

Sophia is available for wildheartwisdom mentoring and counselling consultations via telephone or skype.

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Sophia is a wise woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart
Copyright ~ Roslyne Sophia Breillat © ~ Not to be reproduced without author’s permission


Online Courses with Roslyne Sophia Breillat
~ Beginning the Journey of Menopause

Are you ready to awaken more deeply to your female power and intuitive wisdom through fully embracing the profound transformation of menopause? This course offers gentle encouragement and loving wisdom for the woman who is beginning or approaching her menopausal journey.

Through welcoming the first signs of inner change that stir her wise whisperings we will explore how to consciously embrace the sacred mystery of this natural transformation. And through honouring the grace and strength of the menopausal woman we will celebrate her awakening power. 

Welcome to “DAWNING OF WISDOM ~ Beginning the Journey of Menopause”… This is the first of a series of courses with Sophia that consciously embrace the deeper spiritual purpose of menopause. Through focusing upon the initial dawning of the menopausal call to wisdom we will explore the mysteries, joys and fears of this profound change. We are living in a society that dishonours, denies and ignores the sacred beauty, integrity and purpose of the wise woman elder.

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BEING WOMAN - She of the Earth…

This course provides a sacred and nurturing space where woman can learn to surrender more deeply to the natural receptivity of the female psyche. Throughout this series of lessons she will learn to trust the innate flow of her intuitive nature and to listen more intimately to the wellspring of her inner source. And we will explore together how to live more fully as the embodiment of the feminine essence within the structures of a masculine civilisation.

This course is a series of lessons that honour the fluid nature of the female psyche. Woman has forgotten who she is and the world has forgotten who she is. Her female truth has become clouded and polluted like her beloved Mother Earth. She has imbibed so much maleness that she has lost confidence in the sweet mystery of her receptive nature. She has become angry, forceful and self-doubtful because she is not seen, heard or loved as the creative power of the feminine spirit. It is time for her to stop sleeping. It is time for her to awaken from the dream of unreality that diminishes her true power. It is time for her to become who she really is, in the deep, in her mystery, in her sacredness. 

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About the Mentor: 
Sophia (Roslyne Sophia Breillat) is a woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart. The inner richness and profound healing of her life experiences are inspiration for her flowing creativity. Her articles and art embrace the beauty, power and sensuality of the feminine essence and celebrate the natural flow of woman’s transformational cycles. Her website offers a sacred space for woman to dive into the deep, to open to her true nature, to be who she really is.

Sophia’s training and experience includes primal therapist, intuitive massage, reconnective healing, writing, art, illustration, design, astrological counselling, instructional skills, training program design and teaching within the Aboriginal community. She has also facilitated many creative workshops and courses. 

Sophia’s writing and art is featured extensively on international websites and her articles and illustrations have been published in many national and international magazines. She is acknowledged as a sensitive and honest writer with deep perceptions and penetrative insight. She is currently creating a series of books that honour the power and wisdom of the feminine spirit.

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