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The Most Intuitive Child I Have Ever Endured

By sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

The most intuitive child I have ever endured. Yes, endured. My son, when he was born, weighed 10 pounds and 13 ounces. I am convinced he was already two months old at birth. He smelled of woods and musk and the stuff that crunches under your feet while taking a long stroll through a fall meadow. He gurgled in some “alien” voice; everyone thought he was choking or possessed by something not-human (hint hint). But to me, he seemed to have something important to say. Before he could speak, he perked up at the sound of lyrics and tried to dance before he could sit up; swaying in my arms at only six months old. By the time he was nine months old he was running. The neighbors couldn’t believe it. And by the age of two, he was his own boss; no matter how hard I tried to convince him otherwise.

Okay, I must admit, I am not the most traditional mom. After all, how many other children have to put up with an intuitive mom; one who paints whimsical paintings, writes books and articles about their children or who themselves see the world through intuitive eyes? But, I did not expect to birth a child who through his very nature could force me to see the world through his eyes. And boy, have I learned to look through his eyes.

And everyday I am grateful. After all, my intuitive child was the inspiration behind my first book, Confident Child. One day, while I was attempting to force him to do something he did not see as necessary, the story began to fall from my lips. Suddenly, I was telling my own confident child a life-affirming tale of a young character who learned to look within himself for the answer to the tough questions of life. And, it was at that moment I realized that my own child was born knowing to look within; and here I was spending way too much time attempting to force him not to do just that. So, I quickly learned my lesson and began to go with the flow and properly parent in my own intuitive way.

Today, I am the proud mother of a successful 13 year old, six foot, and two hundred and twenty pound young man. I am grateful that I allowed him to listen to his inner voice. At his size he is often mistaken for being much older. But, this youthful male seems to carry his age and size with grace. He trusts his instincts and holds tightly to his convictions. While other children his age falter at daily choices, my young man makes decisions and plows forward through his life with confidence of his own intentions. And, I am still convinced that he is possessed with something that is not quite human; a divine spirit of pure energy lives within him leading him in the choices he makes.

I admit he is a challenge for adult authority figures. Our culture is not accustomed to children who do not want to listen to the mature voice of power. In our society we traditionally parent through firm discipline, lecture or time out therapy. These methods have worked well for many. And, these techniques are often a just and good means of raising the traditional child. But, with the birth of more intuitive children, we are forced farther and farther away from authoritative parenting methods. And, the old “spare the rod and spoil the child method” of parenting is completely absolved in the face of the intuitive child.

An intuitive child will balk at any form of physical punishment, becoming angry, rebellious and depressed under the hand of these methods. Instead, this child will flourish when praised and then excel and hope for more praise. He will genuinely try to please those he loves, if he feels respected and loved himself.

Keeping communication open and positive with an intuitive child takes patience and sincere efforts. One must practice the skill of listening and one must be honest for the intuitive child knows when he is being fooled. An intuitive child thrives best in an environment where he is respected. When he feels valued by those in his environment he practices maturity and kindness. But, watch out for this intuitive child’s backlash of emotions if he feels he is not treated with dignity. Because he is a child still, he does lack worldly experience; he will make mistakes.

Like any other immature being, he can slide into unsafe and unsuccessful behavior. Attempting to change his environment, he might become unruly, uninterested and uncooperative causing mounting frustrations for himself and those in his surroundings. So, it is important to mentor positive and productive behavior; those he can mimic as he is maturing.

And because this child will never learn from those he does not respect, it is important to keep the relationship between the intuitive child and role model a positive one. When the intuitive child decides that he does not like or value his mentors he will simply refuse to cooperate; closing himself from any level of communication, even if these individuals are his parent, teachers or peers.

It is best to stay in the positive when faced with this child; for his will power, physical stamina and intelligence will outlast all others. After spending any amount of time with an intuitive child it is clear he is different from other more traditional children. And, although traditional educators and parents are still weighing their opinions about methods of raising the intuitive child, it is clear that old methods do not endure. The intuitive child forces old methods to change. He guides toward the creation of new more life-affirming ways of communicating, listening and teaching all children.

And, as I learned early in the process of raising my own intuitive child, he will always be his own boss no matter who tries to convince him otherwise. As far as I am concerned, the world has more to learn from the intuitive child than the intuitive child has to learn from the world. All humanity should take notice of this beautiful phenomenon; it is one I am grateful to endure.

I have learned to focus on the positive, speak with respect, negotiate and keep rules simple. In my home there are simple and clear to understand rules such as…remain drug free, speak with kindness and get an education. When rules are broken, there are no physical or belittling consequences. My intuitive child knows that I am disappointed. I tell him this in a calm yet firm manner. And, because he wants to please, I notice that he feels sad to have disappointed me. Also, in my home, everyone’s opinions are important. And my intuitive child is loved a lot.

by sHEALy


sHEALy (Sherry Healy)
holds a BA in theology/philosophy. She is a well known intuitive, artist and author working from the town of Annapolis, Maryland. In addition, sHEALy works as resident artist with Head Start children and is trained and has worked with the public school system as a one-on-one reading instructor and resident artist. Much of her time is dedicated to using intuition as a means to spiritually heal others. She is the author of Living Your Intuitive Dreams, a book designed to help individuals create the life of their dreams through the use of intuition. In addition sHEALy is the author and illustrator of Confident Child, a children’s book designed for young readers. Confident Child, a Tale and Affirmations is designed to help little ones learn to look within themselves for the answers to the tough questions of life.

Living Your Intuitive Dreams: A Self-Discovery Workbook
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You can have all of these things when you work through the exercises and record in the three journals available in this manuscript. Living Your Intuitive Dreams is filled with spirit guides, angels, magical incantations and best of all; instructions on how to perform a psychic reading for yourself and others.

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