May 2011
Volume 11 Number 5
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If you can’t get to the Wise Woman Center to participate in the great learning opportunities, workshops and exchange weekends, perhaps Susun is coming to a town near you! Here is Susun’s upcoming planned away schedule:



April 9: Long Island, NY; For Doulas; contact Laura Gigantino (914)-374-1523
April 29 – May 1: Luray, VA; Nettle Festival
May 15:  Woodstock NY, Women's Herbs Weed Walk at Mirabai
May 24-25: NYC, NY; Book Expo America


K Robins Symbolic Jewelry Passion for what I call ‘women’s work’ was initially the driving force behind my work... that was about 25 years ago. The line of over 70 pendants has evolved into a study of the language of symbols. On our site, along with many stories, you will find an array of pendants that are classified into these categories: Mothers and Daughters; Sacred Symbols; Yoga and Meditation. The designs evoke emotional responses as they were inspired by life’s challenges and triumphs. Our mission is to discover and create archetypal images and symbols that transcend the personal, resonate with the universal and soothe the soul.  Three things near and dear to the heart of Angela Valdes, co-owner with Dominic Valdes her husband, of a loose leaf tea shop in Portland, Oregon USA called, Tea Chai Te. Inspired by the tea she has served her customers since 2003, Angela felt compelled to share the creative and useful craft ideas she has come up with as part of her daily meditation. The blog focuses on lifting others up through creativity, passion and of course a mutual love for tea. Special teas are showcased in the blog, giving useful background and tips to make the perfect cup.


What’s happening at the Wise Woman Center in May?
May 1: Wolf Clan Circle White Feather
May 7-8: Work-exchange Weekend 
May 15: Woodstock NY, Women's Weed Walk
May 17: Shamanic Herbal Apprentices

May 20: Moonlodge
May 21: Wild Food Fun

May 22: Hands-on First Aid
May 28-30: Work-exchange Weekend
June 3-5: Priestess Training with Z Budapest



For more information and to book for any of these events visit: Be Creative. I am Sue Whitacre, and I am an artist discovering my life's path.  It is my privilege and joy to offer opportunities to connect with your authentic self through several creative options, including collage-making and creating containers of intention.  I believe participation in creative activities connects us to ourselves in ways that many of our daily practices--even journaling and meditation--are unable to do.  Activating your creative energy through accessing your right-brained world takes you to a deep part of your self that you may not have experienced before.  Individual creative companioning is also available. Apollo Herbs®, established in 1991, is a business dedicated to the art & science of herbal medicine. We seek to provide the community with the highest quality herbal products available including elixirs, serums, oils, syrups and education. All products are made in small batches using the highest quality organically grown plants available. Apollo Herbs® are skillfully formulated and produced by botanist and natural product chemist, Michael Steven Ford. It's is also our goal to provide the community with a deeper understanding and respect for nature as well as use herbs to promote good health as part of a holistic lifestyle. Join us for a wild medicinal herb workshop or retreat, find all-natural herbal products and learn about life in America’s Great Boreal Forest. Giving Ground is an 80-acre forested herbal retreat in the Superior National Forest, 60 miles north of Duluth, Minnesota. At Giving Ground you'll learn to identify, choose and prepare medicinal plants for yourself, your family and friends. You'll feel, taste and learn about the therapeutic properties of herbs that not only grow in America's great boreal forest but often in your own backyard. Our website offers information about Giving Ground's year-round workshops, our all-natural herbal remedies and what we've been thinking lately about herbs and life.  Daily report of the activities the water messenger, Masaru Emoto and his team bringing shapes of love and gratitude to people in afflicted areas by the catastrophe in Tohoku and Kanto area of Japan. Welcome to Cedar Springs Herb Farm. The farm is located on seven acres of Cape Cod. Our grounds encompass wetlands, a white cedar swamp and uplands, providing a unique blend of plant communities from which to learn. Our facilities include a teaching facility, ceremonial area, women's lodge site, and sweat lodge, with Long Pond access across the street. Open Fri, Sat, Sun 10am-4pm May-October. River of Birds is a web journal documenting my migration into motherhood.  It has been four years, and I still feel my journey as a mother is just beginning.  I post rants, musings, poems, pictures, suggestions, wisdom and inspiration I have gleaned from others, and sometimes-humble advice.  I hope you find something that resonates with your own experience, and helps you along your journey. “River of Birds” comes from the chant: “There’s a river of birds in migration: A nation of women with wings.” The song is inspiring and empowering, just as I strive for every endeavor in my life to be.


Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year Check out Susun Weed’s new site dedicated to her book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, now in its 24th printing. Read reviews, excerpts and articles. This book has helped three generations of women conceive, carry and give birth naturally. Chapters cover herbal fertility agents and herbs for birth control; safe, simple home remedies for the common complaints of pregnancy; alternative medicines for complications of labor and delivery; and effective remedies for the distresses of newborns and new moms. Complete instructions make using this book easy and fun.

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