October 2010
Volume 10 Number 10

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Nurturing the Feminine Spirit

by Roslyne Sophia Breillat

Nurturing the Feminine Spirit


 © Roslyne Sophia Breillat
mentor at the Wise Woman University





Our fast paced world has lost touch with the natural ways and the natural rhythms of the earth. Art by MonicaAnd in this outwardly focussed world that ignores the silence and beauty of life’s abundant mysteries, where and how does a woman find her true place, her true centre, her true purpose?


The feminine spirit is sustained through being with nature, through the reflection of Mother Earth, through creating beauty and elegance in her surroundings. And the feminine spirit is nurtured through the replenishment of real sexual loving that invites her into the intimate depths of her being.      


A woman becomes enlivened when she honours and becomes surrendered to the innate rhythms of her female body and her female psyche. Flow woman, flow with these wild, gentle, wise, spontaneous and chaotic rhythms, dance their dance and sing their song. Know that they are the rhythms of the earth and that they are an inherent part of your divine nature. Listen to their mystery. What does it tell you? How does it call to you? And how can you serve this mystery, be this mystery, be true to this mystery every day, every moment of your life?


Who are you, woman, beneath your wantings and your cravings, beneath your achievements and your desires? Who are you, beyond your doubts, your fears, your insecurities? Who are you in your heart of hearts, within the deepest heart of your being? Who are you within the depths of your wise, wise womb? Dive into the deep. Dive into your inner ocean. Merge with the infinite beauty of your lunar consciousness.


Let go of your conditioning. Let go of your limitations. Release the ties that bind you to past lovers, to past relationships, to past moments that are long since gone. Be who you truly are. Be the love that you are. Merge with your softness, your strength, your power.  Slow down, feel the earth’s fine and subtle yet wild and powerful heartbeat within your womb. Listen to her. Hear what she has to say. Be with her. Invite her into your heart. Embody her wisdom, her radiance, her love. Know that she is thee. And know that thou art she.


Listen to the gentle nature of your lunar mystery, be with the reflective light of your lunar essence, soften and melt into the diffused glowing of this shining luminescence. Align with the ebbing and flowing, with the waxing and waning of the moon’s sacred cycles within your womb. Be with the sacredness of earth, of moon, of stars. Become the beauty of the moon inside you. And know this sacredness and beauty as the sacredness and beauty of the feminine spirit, of woman, of your beingness, of your essence, of your heart.   


A woman’s body is naturally curved and rounded like the earth. She is soft. She is strong. She is vibrance, she is passion, she is love. She is a lunar goddess who innately flows with the waxing and waning of the moon, with the ebbing and flowing of the tides, with the coming and going of the seasons, with the rising and the setting of the sun and of the moon. Her body is her sustenance. Her body is the food of the earth, the food of love, the food of life. She nurtures her babies and her lovers with the fullness of her breasts, her belly, her heart, her womb. Her flesh is the flesh of love.


Woman’s essence is as still as the forest, as wild as the storm, as strong as the mountains, as soft as a flower, as deep as the lake. And the world teaches her to measure, weigh and control her body until she no longer knows her true purpose. How can she live harmoniously as the physical embodiment of the Earth Mother in a world that voraciously plunders the earth? How can she rest sensuously and sweetly in her body when myriad advertisements order her to get rid of “unwanted kilojoules” and “unwanted fat?” How can she drink freely from the delicious nectar of life when its cup overflows with the addictive seduction of western society’s “low fat” mentality?


Be your sensuality. Awaken your sensual nature. Dance with the river of life. Open your heart to the divine flow that pulses through your yoni, your womb, your belly, your breasts, your heart. For She is here, She is waiting for your surrender, your trust, your natural ability to open, to yield, to dive into her flames, to burn in her fire of love, to become deliciously nourished by the  essence of her passion and by all she is offering you right now, and always.


Accept her offerings in graciousness and gratitude. For She has waited so long to welcome you home. Drink from her chalice. Sip from her cup. Become quenched by the sparkling waters of her Holy Grail. Allow her sweet nectar to flow through you, to wash away your tears, to dissolve your fears and your doubting of your true nature, of your divinity, of who you really are.


Do not be afraid of the wise depths of your feminine power. Do not shrink from your sensuality in shame and hesitation. Embody, imbibe, embrace, enjoy the glorious radiance of your female nature, the immortal wellspring of your female wisdom, the intimate openness of your female mystery. Allow your juices to flow, your voice to sing, your flesh to soften, your body to love, your power to awaken, your spirit to dance.


Allow the river of life to heal your broken dreams, your broken heart. Your power has been suppressed for too long by a world that knows nothing of your essence. And this power is now arising from the depths of your womb, from the womb of the earth, from the infinite void of all creation, from the compassion of your heart.     


Woman’s innate capacity to nurture and to give life through the flowing milk of her breasts, through the crimson blood of her womb, through the curvaceous shape of her body was honoured in ancient cultures as the creative power of the Universal Mother. Her entire body naturally gathers loving nourishment into every cell of her being. And her body’s abundant love feeds her babies, her lovers, her sisters, her family, her community, her tribe, her friends. And yet, contemporary society has taught her to give this love to others, whilst simultaneously denying her own need for nurturing, sustenance, replenishment and rest.


From the first moment of conception a young girl’s body and psyche are sensitively absorbing her family’s subconscious attitudes towards women. During her prenatal life she is profoundly aware of all positive and negative vibrations in her immediate environment. She is deeply affected by her mother’s emotions, thoughts and fears. And she imbibes these until they infuse and infiltrate her many life experiences. Cradled in the comforting waters of the womb, she intimately drinks in the emotional and psychological conditioning of her mother’s sexual attitudes, her inherited inhibitions, her  reactions, her responses, her feelings. Her parents’ sexual relationship and her mother’s experiences of love or lack of love are important influences during this prenatal phase.


 Her mother’s attitude towards her swelling breasts and belly swirl within the cauldron of her womb, determining how her daughter will accept, reject, despise or delight in her innate femaleness. Is her mother welcoming, enjoying and fully embracing the abundant creativity of her life-giving power, the sweet glory of her fruitful essence, the juicy sensuality of her female fertility? Is she receiving the wondrous mysteries of the pregnant woman and the intuitive wisdom of the Earth Mother within? Or is she repressed, afraid, inhibited, controlled, shrinking from wildness and passion of her female sexuality.?


 The doubts, the fears, the insecurities, the warmth and affection of her mother, grandmother and all her female forebears flow through the placenta and umbilical cord, feeding her with collective attitudes that will affect her whole life. The acceptance or rejection of female power, truth and wisdom throughout many generations is already determining how she will feel about being a girl child and becoming a woman.


 Her mother’s attitudes about food are also crucial during this precious phase. Is she afraid of putting on weight while pregnant? Is she eating enough nutrient rich foods to nourish her baby and herself? Is she concerned she won’t lose weight after her baby is born? Is she feeling “fat” instead of gloriously ripe and ready to birth new life? Is she stuffing her belly with excess food to repress her doubts of being a woman, her fears of becoming a mother? Art by Monica Is she overeating or starving herself because she subconsciously fears that opening her body deeply during birthing will activate suppressed memories of sexual trauma? All these emotions are already determining how her daughter will nourish or not nourish her body throughout her life.


Standing on the threshold of puberty, a girl is easily influenced by her peer group, television, movies and magazines. Walking a fine line between the realm of the girl child and the realm of the woman, the natural expression of her youthful innocence merges with the powerful new energy of her dawning sexuality. Her body is changing. Her hormones are activated, her emotions are heightened, her breasts are budding, her hips are opening. Enlivening sensations are stirring as her womb prepares to bleed each month with the cycles of the moon. This new phase of her life can be a tumultuous roller coaster ride of apprehension, freedom, rebellion, exhilaration, excitement and confusion.


 Western society creates a clever mirage that veils an intense fear of the truth of female sexuality and love. And shimmering within the heart of this mirage is a profound denial of female power. This world thrives upon an unreal obsession with youth and “body image” that penetrates many young girls long before they reach puberty. And such fears and obsessions fertilise the barren psychic wasteland where eating disorders and phobias about body image seek to thrive. There are few wise and loving female elders to bless the sacred journey of a young woman’s first menstruation and awakening fertility. How can an impressionable teenager feel content and at ease within her body when the unreal mask of “perfection” created by fake tans, facelifts, botox injections, photoshop “enhancements” and dangerous diets is more important than the naturally radiant face of a real woman?


It is crucial that parents become aware of the chatrooms, websites and magazines that too easily lure a gullible girl from her natural innocence with their insidious power to manipulate and deceive. For she lives in an increasingly sexual world where emaciated celebrities are her heroines and cyberspace is her substitute for attention and love. For all young girls and teenagers need wise and loving guidance from wise and loving female elders who embody the natural radiance, joy, grace and beauty of the feminine spirit.


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♥ Sophia is a wise woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart

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Online Courses
with Roslyne Sophia Breillat

~ Beginning the Journey of Menopause

Are you ready to awaken more deeply to your female power and intuitive wisdom through fully embracing the profound transformation of menopause? This course offers gentle encouragement and loving wisdom for the woman who is beginning or approaching her menopausal journey.

Through welcoming the first signs of inner change that stir her wise whisperings we will explore how to consciously embrace the sacred mystery of this natural transformation. And through honouring the grace and strength of the menopausal woman we will celebrate her awakening power. 

Welcome to “DAWNING OF WISDOM ~ Beginning the Journey of Menopause”… This is the first of a series of courses with Sophia that consciously embrace the deeper spiritual purpose of menopause. Through focusing upon the initial dawning of the menopausal call to wisdom we will explore the mysteries, joys and fears of this profound change. We are living in a society that dishonours, denies and ignores the sacred beauty, integrity and purpose of the wise woman elder.

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BEING WOMAN - She of the Earth…

This course provides a sacred and nurturing space where woman can learn to surrender more deeply to the natural receptivity of the female psyche. Throughout this series of lessons she will learn to trust the innate flow of her intuitive nature and to listen more intimately to the wellspring of her inner source. And we will explore together how to live more fully as the embodiment of the feminine essence within the structures of a masculine civilisation.

This course is a series of lessons that honour the fluid nature of the female psyche. Woman has forgotten who she is and the world has forgotten who she is. Her female truth has become clouded and polluted like her beloved Mother Earth. She has imbibed so much maleness that she has lost confidence in the sweet mystery of her receptive nature. She has become angry, forceful and self-doubtful because she is not seen, heard or loved as the creative power of the feminine spirit. It is time for her to stop sleeping. It is time for her to awaken from the dream of unreality that diminishes her true power. It is time for her to become who she really is, in the deep, in her mystery, in her sacredness. 

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About the Mentor: 
Sophia (Roslyne Sophia Breillat) is a woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart. The inner richness and profound healing of her life experiences are inspiration for her flowing creativity. Her articles and art embrace the beauty, power and sensuality of the feminine essence and celebrate the natural flow of woman’s transformational cycles. Her website offers a sacred space for woman to dive into the deep, to open to her true nature, to be who she really is.

Sophia’s training and experience includes primal therapist, intuitive massage, reconnective healing, writing, art, illustration, design, astrological counselling, instructional skills, training program design and teaching within the Aboriginal community. She has also facilitated many creative workshops and courses. 

Sophia’s writing and art is featured extensively on international websites and her articles and illustrations have been published in many national and international magazines. She is acknowledged as a sensitive and honest writer with deep perceptions and penetrative insight. She is currently creating a series of books that honour the power and wisdom of the feminine spirit.



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