September 2010
Volume 10 Number 9

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Thinking Big

by Shonagh Home

Thinking Big
by Shonagh Home
author of Ix Chel Wisdom

For the past couple of months, my husband and I have been paying more attention to the way we think. Understanding that we create from our thoughts, and desiring to create a firm foundation for ourselves, we’ve committed to being vigilant about changing our thought patterns. In committing to this simple act, we have been amazed by how persistent we are in our self-limiting thought processes. I have always thought of myself as a positive person but now I see that I have been simply ‘less negative’ than the average person.  

FOREVERLAND - Art by Judy MastrangeloAt this point in the game, that is not where I want to be. I know that we are at a place in our timeline of unprecedented growth and expansion. And I know that there are forces at work now that are here to support that in ways that will astound us. I am opening myself to a larger life experience now. I realize that I have been playing small and it’s time to step into a wondrous, creative, limitless reality that can be accessed easily as I adjust my thinking.

For example, I was recently offered my own radio show by my friend, Sue Lundquist, who runs the ‘I’m Thankful Network’ on 1150AM, Alternative Radio. Reading Sue’s email, I felt immediate fear come over me. What if no one listened? And even scarier - what if people listened? My mind was flooded with a barrage of limiting thoughts. “I don’t know anything about this!” “What if I run out of topics?” “What if I screw up?” My internal critic continued, ad nauseum. Observing myself at one point, I was blown away by the immediacy of my negative thoughts. Why couldn’t I immediately think, “This is going to be GREAT!!”

I realized I could stop the fear/limitation train and simply switch tracks to a different way of viewing things. I told myself that Sue would not ask just anyone to represent her network. She would want someone who she knows has much to say about a given topic and who she feels her audience would respond positively to. She would also ask based on her knowing that this was a person who she could count on to commit to such a task and operate responsibly and professionally. And I acknowledged within myself that I was that person and that I could own that about myself and feel joy and excitement instead of self-doubt and dread.

GARDEN OF THE SUN AND MOON - Art by Judy Mastrangelo

Preparing for this new life experience, I have discovered it to be a great exercise in catching my self-limiting thoughts. As I redirect fears and negative scenarios into positive, and quite frankly, more realistic visions, I am shifting the energy in that moment and positively affecting the manifestation of what I want to create. It is really that simple. I am saying ‘yes’ in the energy of anticipation and excitement and FUN rather than worrying about concocted outcomes based on old fears.

I remember about 6 years ago I was going to do a triathlon. The night before, I decided to write out exactly how the race would go for me. I was very positive and I envisioned each segment of the race going a certain way.

EVENING DREAMS - Art by Judy MastrangeloThe following evening, many hours after the race was over, I reread the passage. I was stunned to see that indeed, the race had gone exactly according to what I’d envisioned. I did not have the information then that I am writing about now. It was a simple experiment and one that I won’t soon forget as I discovered just how effective positive visualization was.

I have a vision of myself as wise, self-assured, playful and happy. I know that this part of me is closer to the truth of who I really am.

I am now consciously tapping into this part of me more and more, as I shift from my old way of thinking. This requires diligence as old habits can be challenging to break and much of this limited thinking is very, very old. I’m sure some of it spans lifetimes.

I recommend listening to cd’s in your car from messengers like Esther Hicks. The wisdom Esther brings forth as the entities called, ‘Abraham’, is highly effective in assisting us to catch our limited thought processes and shift into conscious thought. It’s an avenue of retraining ourselves to think in a way that honors the magnificence of who we truly are. 

We are being called to step into a whole new paradigm of being. We have tremendous support for that all around us as the Universe conspires to assist in our expansion. Stay on yourselves. Catch yourselves when you think small and, without judgment, simply redirect the thought to one that serves the greater truth of who you are. To quote Ix Chel:

“Be in your beauty my daughters. Be unafraid and be bold!”

In Lak Ech!

by Shonagh Home
author of Ix Chel Wisdom

Ix Chel Wisdom:
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I was initiated into Ix Chel Wisdom (pronounced eeshell), the Mayan Mother Goddess mysteries, through a shamanic ceremony in the Yucatan. Since then, I have been receiving mystery teachings from her that are centered on the magic of the body and our ability to engage with the technology of nature.

This book is a love letter to women. It discusses the power of women gathering together in circle to bring forth their own sacred feminine from within.

It is an inspiration for women to love and honor themselves and their bodies. And it contains teachings about the magic of the body and its ability to manifest and heal.

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