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March 2004
Volume 4 Number 3

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Confident Child
Your Intuitive Dreams ...
A Message About Confident Child
by sHEALy
(Sherry Healy)
Confident Child

Illustrations from Confident Child by SHEALy Each of us travels a journey. Each of us comes upon a time when we must leave behind a familiar place to find our own self. Only once we have discovered the wisdom of our own intuitive voice, do we experience the complete joy of the world around us. Only after we have found our own intrinsic wisdom do we have the opportunity to truly know and experience our creator.

Just imagine waking in the morning, looking out across a field of green clover and herbs and seeing a beautiful world. Your world, filled with aromatic greens comfy soft grounds, reaches far into the distance and you are safe. Then, imagine that you know your creator. She is warm and strong. She loves you and guides you. And, she looks like you. Now, imagine that she asks you to begin a journey; a journey to find your real home.

Illustrations from Confident Child by SHEALy

Your journey begins from within your own heart. Mother Earth, your creator, tells you to look deep within your own thoughts and ideas and find the mirror image of yourself. You are grateful and then you turn and walk away. While walking, you come upon the first mystery of life. A grand old tree stands strong along your path. Mother Earth whispers in your ear. She tells you to stay on your path. You will have time to investigate later. First, you must find yourself. But, you are curious. You want to see this grand old tree now, perhaps before you have even found yourself. You want to look at the outside world.You expect that you will learn more about yourself from others than you can from your own heart. So, you journey off of your path toward the tree only to find that there is nothing there.Illustrations from Confident Child by SHEALy


Mother Earth sees that you have grown sad. She gives you wings. She tells you that you can fly. You can fly high into the milky white sky. You can fly and make the most of your life. But, she reminds you that you must look within your own heart and always find the truth there. You fly away.

As you fly, you touch the sky. It is beautify, but not as beautiful as it will be when you have found your own inner voice. So, you feel sad again. And once again, Mother Earth saves you. “Please,” she tells you “look within. You are a star.” And with those words your beautiful body becomes that of a star. You can shine and live and be who ever you want to be.

Illustrations from Confident Child by SHEALy

So, you float through the air and shine. You investigate life, but only to fall hard on your knees because you still have not found the real star; the one that lives inside of you. Finally, a storm comes. The storm turns the skies dark. The wind blows hard at your back. You feel as if you are going to be swept away. You are so scared. While just yesterday you were a star and you could fly, today you are only a frightened child. You feel your body rushing out of control. And then, you remember the words Mother Earth once said. “Look within your own self and find your inner voice.” So, you stop and you look within. It is not very hard to do. You imagine a warm safe place and you crawl inside. Once inside, you look out at the world and it is not so scary any more. From inside of this safe and warm place, you can see more clearly. You can see everything. And, you are not sad or frightened. The storm passes and you feel good. Illustrations from Confident Child by SHEALy

Looking out into the beautiful world, you find the tree, the hills the star and all the other things that were there all along. Now, each thing is more beautiful and better than ever before. From inside, you can do anything. You have listened to the voice of Mother Earth. She has taught you to know the best lesson you can ever know. You can be the star and you can fly but only once you have learned to know yourself.

Now, you move on with your life. You find the real home and the real you that you have been searching for and you are happy.

You are on this very journey today. Perhaps you are the star shining for others to see. Or perhaps you are lost in a grand storm; one that is dark and loud. Where ever you are on your path, you can find a safe place, a safe voice, and grow happy and more at home with your own life.

Confident Child by Sherry Healybook coverI wrote the short story, Confident Child, in 2002 when I found my way out of a storm. I have been the star. And, I have learned to fly. But, I never found happiness until I found and embraced my intuitive voice. Although Confident Child was written for children, we can all learn a lesson from the path this little book takes us upon. Each of us, at some time in our life, must stop and listen to the voice that rests inside.

You may find Confident Child, the book, to be a way to heal yourself or someone you love. The book is filled with symbols; symbols that only some can see. Others quickly read across the words and seem to ignore the message. They are blind to the message of confident child falling hard to his knees. They are blind to the horror of their own storm. But then there are those, like you, who allow these symbols to reach inside to a deeper and more personal place. You are the brave one who allows the archetypal symbols of life to sink into your soul and help guide you along your path. For you, this book is written. And, it is your children, while intuitive in nature, who will learn to trust their intuitive voice when they find Confident Child a part of their library. For them, your child and for you, this book is written.



Living Your Intuitive Dreams: A Self-Discovery Workbook
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You can have all of these things when you work through the exercises and record in the three journals available in this manuscript. Living Your Intuitive Dreams is filled with spirit guides, angels, magical incantations and best of all; instructions on how to perform a psychic reading for yourself and others.

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Intuitive Development
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You will learn what intuition really is and what it is not, how to be more intuitive by aligning with your natural abilities, how to perform an intuitive reading and how to continue your intuitive development.

This class is taught from a spiritually organic point of view-thus is not a class for the students who wants to be "told" why and who they are in this life. You will be given lessons and readings that promote spiritual growth that leads to the desire to be more intuitive and the ability to be more intuitive.

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