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Finding inside myself the real ME - the MOTHER GODDESS in me!

February 6, 2002

Dear Susun/Justine,

I recently sent out a little card sharing a bit but thought I'd write. I am reading Healing Wise again...I love this book sooo much. I am always finding more out about myself and what I want...what I want to share, create, live, be, eat, breathe, experience.

There is so much out there today to stimulate our every sense. I simply want to line up with those things in our world that really touch me deep inside. The Wise Woman Way is one of the most powerful and integral things I've found. At this time it is my focus. And I want to know more, but most importantly I want to experience more.

Susun, I've been corresponding with you for almost 3 years now...mostly waiting for the Universe to line up and say, "yes, it's time, go!" But on the other hand there have been times when a window of opportunity would come and I would pass it up. I believe in the perfection of the Universe and in my own life experience...but I also notice a pattern I have set up for myself in life to sabbotage those things I wish for the most.

I no longer wish to play with that pattern. I want something more. It is my intention to be up there with you all as soon as possible. I know that this week there is a work exchange week going on from reading the website and newsletter. The next one is in MARCH? And what about the week or so long apprenticeships? I'd really like to join you for much longer than a week...I've consistantly found financial difficulty, however (which I've shared with you before).

So, I want to know what I must do. I'm coming. I need your help with when and how much I will have to have in exchange. But I'm coming. I have much gratitude for what and who you are and do. I can not even begin to say how grateful. But Thanks!

Thanks for reweaving the cloak of the Ancients...of our Grandmothers...of THE MOTHER.

Thank you for inspiring the blood in my veins to boil and the Truth in my body to explode. I am remembering and I want to remember more.

Thank you for helping me to remember, to live and to find inside myself the real ME...the MOTHER GODDESS in me!

Thank you for helping me to nurture rather than fix...for helping me to search out and find for myself the Truth. Thank you for YOU!


PS. Yes...of course you may use my letter. I am honored...and blessed!

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I just started reading your book, Healing Wise. Your humor and approach to life seem so "down-to-earth", just like your favorite powerful weeds. Thank you for sharing and nourishing! ~ Diane