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Learning Resources Herbal Medicine by Michael J McCammon. Herbal remedies for common ailments and custom made herbal remedies for individuals. BOIHS - a place to share herbal information with people from around the world in an informal atmosphere. Information on herbs and herb gardening from Kyatu. Herbal How To Guide's mission is to bring herbal information together, in one place, for the enjoyment of all. The Herb Lady - for information on herbs, flower essences and food as medicine to support vibrant health for women and children. The Home Herbalist course teaches all aspects of home herbalism from making herbal remedies to prescribing them for common ailments. The Practical Herbalist web site offers sensible information on herbs, homesteading and health. Wonder if that plant is edible? Look it up on or even email Green Deane a question. Weed Dance Farm is dedicated to supporting traditional arts, herbalism, homesteading, simple living skills, and woman's empowerment through its class offerings. TheMothersMagickalHerbGarden/ A place of sharing knowledge of anything pertaing to herbs, be it magickal recipes, healing recipes, food recipes etc. Tips on herb gardening, how to cook with herbs and some great recipes for you to try. Witchen Kitchen Beginner Herbal -Easy practical information about herbs, making herbal remedies, cosmetics, household items. Kitchen witch magic! The Southeast’s oldest herbal studies school, Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism, offers life enhancing skills to impart deep wellness and vitality. Study wild medicinal herbs - herbalist-guided trails, canoeing; recipes; wares; essays: our interconnected animal, plant, human communities in the Boreal Forest. Harvest and make your own herbal medicine. Information on 50 common herbs, free email newsletter with seasonal updates and recipes, workshops and herb walks. HerbDay is a coordinated series of independently produced public educational events celebrating the importance of herbs and herbalism. Eco Images is a source for herbal and nature books, native and medicinal plants and outdoor experiences. Dedicated to remembering the Wise Woman tradition and empowering women through knowledge and experience. Classes in Wise Woman ways .. Jim McDonald - herbalist. Offering classes and workshops sharing the knowledge of the herbs. David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies. 2-year online program focuses on clinical herbal practice, materia medica, diagnostics and traditional medical systems. Dandelion Herbal Center offers classes and field trips for herb students ranging from the beginner to advanced students. Herbal Transitions - herbal medicine at your fingertips. Herbs for Health: This trusted, reliable guide shows you how to use herbal and alternative medicine to stay healthy the natural way. Sage L Maurer - shamanic herbalist, plant spirit practitioner, devotee of Gaia. David Winston is an Herbalist and Ethnobotanist with over 35 years of training in Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal traditions. The East West School of Herbology has been in operation since 1980. The Philo School of Herbal Energetics. Offering Classes, Internships and Apprenticeships for students of Herbal Medicine. Providing unique up-to-date information on plant collections, botanical research, garden features and herbal products. Morris County Health & Wellness alternative medicine clinic describes oriental herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy and other treatments they offer, including diet and exercise programs Nature's Healers - Natural Healing With Herbs. Where herbs are our heartsong. Offering workshops, apprenticeship programs and correspondence courses in herbalism and aromatherapy.  Granny Sam's Appalachian Herbals - A small web site dedicated to the Wise Woman Way. Herbal Consults, products, classes, and articles are available.  Brigitte Mars, AHG (American Herbalist Guild), M.T. is a nutritional consultant who has been working with Natural Medicine for 35 years. Sweet Herb Medicinals' website is a vehicle to the endless possibilities in utilizing the abundance our Green Nation offers. Wisdom of the Herbs School offers unique experiential programs, weaving knowledge and wisdom in a transformational journey with the wild plants. Family Herbal Remedies provides free herbal advice and resources. Growing an herb garden? This site is your herbal cultivation reference guide. Moonwise Herbs is a resource for earth centered herbal education, wise woman ways and handcrafted herbal wares.  Nourishing Herbal Creations, Shamanic Herbal apprenticeships, classes, one to one teachings, classes for girls and writing to inspire your journey. A great resource for herbal information. Look up specific herbs, find herbal remedies for specific ailments and learn to make your own tinctures, oils, salves, infusions... We are a group working with all aspects of Herbs. From growing and preserving, to medicinal uses, as well as magickal uses. Medicinal Plants - Sources recommended by a professor whose research specialty is medicinal plants. 600 pages of wise woman herbal healing, forum, ezine, articles. Corinna Wood of Red Moon Herbs empowers women to trust the wisdom and the cycles of the plants, the earth, and their bodies in Black Mountain, NC. Wild Edible Plants. Dining on the Wilds. Learning nature through wild edible plants and ethnobotany. Juli Kight is dedicated to introducing others to the diverse world of using herbs and plants to enhance, protect, and maintain health and well being. Everything herbs - books; photos; how to use; cooking with; and making teas, tonics, shampoos, baths, sauces, lozenges, syrups, cosmetics, skin care, soaps and recipes. "Beautiful Things & Bright Ideas" - Jocelyn Allen, Herbal Workshops & Supplies- Ask me for my free monthly newsletter & recipes page! Learn about herbs and herbal supplements and their potential therapeutic value. Covers popular herbs, herbal benefits and the application of herbal treatments. Discovering Herbs is a dynamic website designed for people who are interested in a healthier lifestyle and want to know what part natural herbs can play in their lives. Herbs to Herbs – reference guide for popular herbs and other important nutrients. A native plant approach to wellness. Herb Research Foundation – improving world health and well-being through herbs. where medicine meets the herb. Providing links to medical information and any resource relevant to medicinal herbs and herbalism practiced in a clinical setting. Herbal Index Online - An online herbal index of alternative traditional remedies, recipes, and potions. Buy herbs online and learn to make folk remedies at home. Herbal Healings forum, it is really a great community space to discuss your knowledge, concerns, dreams, aspirations, and more.. It's free and fun, become a member today or lurk as long as you like! See you soon : )) Don Ollsin’s Herbal Healing Programs. Offering practical, affordable Workshops and Certified Programs on herbs and healing. Personal empowerment and physical wellbeing will be yours as you rediscover the Wise Woman Tradition with Susun Weed, women's health expert. Weeds and Wild Things - Barbara Hall is our guide to the best of Mother Nature's surprises! From Field To Table - Each week we examine the journey that food makes from the field where it is grown to your table where it is consumed. This includes exploring alternatives, such as growing your own, community gardens and farmer's markets. With several articles and hundreds of herb pictures you can learn to recognize wild herbs in their habitats, avoid harvesting endangered plants, how plants are used in herbal medicine, and how to choose herbs wisely. The purpose of our new premier Research Institute is to actively promote natural health substances and health restorative protocols, as well as facilitating up-to-date, scientific, evidence-based training for persons who desire a vocation as Traditional Western Herbalists. Dedicated to quality in all aspects of Herbalism. This site is not only a shop but also a comprehensive information site. A walking field guide for over 25 years to the native plants of Southern Appalachia and to the native peoples who knew these plants so well. PrairieWise Herbal School offers a variety of learning experiences for the new and seasoned herbalist student. Resource for herbal practitioners, it includes editorial content, articles and an extensive searchable and hyperlinked herbal database on current herbal therapeutics. Herbal monographs give a description of the herb, and list its chemical constituents, actions, clinical uses and recommended dosage. Home Page of... A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve. Good general information about herbs and more. Offers information about "planting by the moon". Learn about foraging with New York's best know naturalist. For everything herbal; calendar of events USA An Online Herbal Encyclopedia with an alphabetical listing of herbs and general healing information. an interactive, electronic herbal database – provides hyperlinked access to the scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health. Lots of good plant images. Michael Moore and the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. The Urban Herb: Aromatherapy, Herbalism & Gardening in the City. "If gardening really is the new rock'n'roll, then is "indie rock." Heart of Herbs - Offering a variety of Holistic Herbal Correspondence, Apprenticeship, Aromatherapy and Doula training programs. Eagle Spirit Healing Center: Where Your Spirit Learns to Soar. Herbal products, information, and services by Catherine M. Wood, LCSW, CADC, ADS, a clinically trained therapist, addictions counselor and herbalist. Dedicated to the logic of the natural and simple in health care. Phytochemistry for Herbalists...accurate & well-researched info for practitioners... The new Prodigal Gardens website is a virtual herbwalk through the seasons of the year, giving witness to the harvesting and preparation activities of Rose Barlow-Allsup. Great resource for information on specific herbs - find herbal remedies for specific ailments and learn to make your own tinctures, oils, salves, infusions, etc. Healing with Herbal Medicine - Welcome ... to a simpler path. Home page of David Winston, an Herbalist and Ethnobotanist with over 32 years of training in Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal traditions. Herbalist and Alchemist – products, links, and information. The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.


Publications - Books, Journals, Magazines, Online Directories The Essential Herbal is an ever growing magazine dispersing herbal lore and uses as we encourage herb businesses and hobbyists alike to shine by sharing their knowledge. ‘For health and wellbeing’ - offers FREE Herb and Sprout information from Isabell Shipard’s two highly acclaimed books. Ellen Evert Hopman, herbalist, author and Druid Priestess. See her books, videos and audio tapes at her site. Herbal Diplomats is the first book to explore the healing and caring role of American women nurses during the Botanical Medical Movement. Grow and make your own natural, effective herbal remedies for menopause, stress relief, and immune support with the Garden Remedy Series from Radical Weeds. MEDICAL HERBALISM: A Journal for the Clinical Practitioner. Wild Herbs – a search engine for holistic and herbal remedy websites.


Herbal Vendors (note: many of these sites are also informational) The best in quality organic herbal products - herbs and natural body care for our love of this great earth - conducting business in an ethical and ecological way. Mountain Rose Herbs is women owned in Eugene, OR. Handcraft herbal tinctures, vinegars, salves and oils of the highest quality, with a focus on fresh, local wildcrafted & organic plants. Red Moon Herbs Black Mt, NC. Hancrafted highest quality wildcrafted and organic herbal extracts, vinegars and oils, all created as a labor of love. Catskill Mountain Herbals Olivebridge, NY Silver Moon Herbals creates handcrafted, all natural, herbal health & wellness products such as tinctures, salves, flax seed pillows, made with organic and wild crafted herbs. Live herbs and seeds delivered worldwide. Articles and resources galore, this site is a must vist -- retail and wholesale orders welcome at Richters Herbs Goodwood, ON, Canada. We create and sell herbal skin care and aromatherapy products in addition to herbal teas, all of which have been inspired by the northern boreal forest.  Sustainably made organic or wildcrafted herbal products created by master herbalist Denise Joy. Our Stevia plants are grown from cuttings not from seed. Our stock is from the research project the Canadian government ran for many years. Providing organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs and the many herbal formulas you've come to love and rely on. Providing inspiration, products and services which will empower you to reclaim the basics of an organic lifestyle, sustainable habits, a life of healthy raw and organic food. Herbal Magick inc. offers a huge variety of fresh dried bulk herbs, teas, and spices. Buy what you need, when you need it, from the store or online. This site has been created, to consolidate ever-changing information about the natural health values of pine needles. Goldthread Herbal Apothecary - both a storefront and clinic, we offer professional walk-in advice and the highest quality herbal products & supplements available. All Rare Herbs - certified organic mail order plant nursery and herb producer. Dried herbs and herb seed are also available. Subscribe to Herbology at the site. Red Fox Trading Post offers a beautiful supply of Herbal Products for you to choose from as well as many one of a kind Native American crafts and hand made products. Our family farm specializes in growing fresh premium golden flaxseed that is pure and natural. Free shipping and 100% guarantee. Judy's Organic Herbs is Canada's favorite source for organic and wildcrafted herbs and healthy products. Rustic Rootz Herbal Soapz... Like Nature's snowflakes no two are alike. Superior quality with minimal packaging. Herbal Serenity - integrating Chinese and western herbal medicine, aromatherapy and essential oils into modern healthcare treatments. Providing organic and natural products to our customers since 1976. bulk herbs for infusion and many other offerings found at Frontier Natural Products Coop, Norway, IA Tajeanhus Herbs have been helping the community, family and friends for over 15 years with natural products. Family-run mail-order business based in Cornwall UK, stocking ethically-gathered herbs, resins, barks, crystals, jewellery, clothing and handcrafted metaphysical items. Crazy for Tea! - Explore the fascinating world of tea! Artisanal herbal products: tinctures made from organic and wild native plants and organic alcohol, organic herbal teas, and herbs for midwives and mamas. A woman-owned herb garden and herbal products business in south-eastern Pennsylvania. High quality herbs and all natural health care products. Apple Cottage - Gourmet Whole Health Foods boutique and natural healing arts in historic Luray, the heartland of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Ancient Wisdom Herbs features superior quality medicinal herbs, wiccan herbs, tinctures, oils, teas, culinary herbs and aromatherapy products. Lucinda Jackson's extensive selection of organic herbs, spices and teas will delight you, her handmade soaps, natural recipes and healing articles will delight you! For organically grown, medicinal herbs, come to Judy’s Organic Herbs. Snow Mountain Botanicals offers high quality, energetically vital herbal extracts, using fresh organically grown or wildcrafted plants and organic grain alcohol.  White Buffalo Herbs provides quality organic herbal medicines, cosmetics,  aromatherapy, plants, & an Outdoor Education Center. Handcrafted soaps and herbal products. PeacockAngel creates bespoke, specifically designed incense for whatever your purpose. Natural herbs, herbal remedies, medicines and supplements. Crimson Sage Nursery is a small family operated nursery that sprang from a life long interest and fascination with Medicinal Herbs. Purple Coneflower Herbals offers a select line of high quality herbal extracts, hand-crafted in sacred tradition in Vermont since 1989, owned and operated by herbalist Annie McCleary. Starwest Botanicals Rancho Cordova, CA An organic, biodynamic, women-operated herb farm in Rockport Maine, started by Deb Soule, the herbalist. Blessed Herbs Oakham, MA HeartSong Farm Healing Herbs Groveton, NH Stony Mountain Botanicals Loudonville, OH Jean's Greens Castleton, NY Dry Creek Herb Farm - Providing organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs and the many herbal formulas you've come to love and rely on. G. Baldwin & Co. London, England Austral Herbs - Backing Mother Nature. Austral Herbs, Australia, carries high quality, organic and ethically wildcrafted, culinary and medicinal herbs. Wizards Wares - a magic bag of supplies and wisdom you can use. Aromatherapy by Sunspirit. This Australian company provides an excellent choice of purely natural essential oils, herbal ointments, massage and environmental living blends. Community Pharmacy provides body care products that are cruelty free, chemical free and herbal based. See Clear - Improves your eye health naturally with our herbal medicine alternative designed to protect your eyesight. For all your health, wellness and holistic products. Specializing in heterogeneous, "African, Jamaican, Indian, Chinese" herbs, herbal extracts and formulas, spices and condiments. Grow and sell medicinal plants endemic to the Western Cape of South Africa. A small, family-owned business on the downeast Maine coast which hand harvests and dries Atlantic seaweeds. An online store that promises to provide customers with the best selection of natural foods and health care products in an atmosphere of friendliness, eagerness to serve and readiness to educate. Trinity Herb, a wholesale distributor, offers a diverse variety of organic herbs, spices, teas, essential oils, body care products, books, and supplies. Elixir Farm - Biodynamic farm in the Ozarks of Missouri. Bulk quantities of seeds sold here at great prices. Try Penny's outstanding Wise Woman Breast Oil... Gail Edwards herbal remedies of impeccable quality made with Certified Organic herbs and flowers - Tinctures and Compound Formulas in Organic Grape Alcohol. Judy's Organic Herb's is your best source in Canada for dried herbs, tinctures, teas, and a whole lot more. Information on Aromatherapy, How Essential Oils can specifically help women, All Natural Products, and More. Debra Mauldin - Certified Aromatherapist. Motherlove herbal company. Salves, oils, tinctures and baths with certified organic herbs, for use during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. As publisher of The Herb Companion and Herbs for Health magazines, Herb Companion Press seeks to provide the most up to date and interesting information regarding herbs. Specializes in providing herbs to retail stores, herbalists, manufacturers. Laurie shares her lifelong study and love of herbs and plants with you in these products - Visit August Herbs Farm and Bakery for a nice time. Let Susie create a custom salve for you. Mail-order business started by Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. An on-line store that sells medicinal and culinary herb seeds and plants, plus herb products, and supplies. Also includes an herb library with over 250 links to herbal resources on the net. Indian Meadow Herbals. Great organic herbal products…their Menopause and PMS relief products are highly recommended! Cattail Pond Herbs: Hand-crafted Soaps, Herbal Products, and great gift ideas. Handcrafted natural soaps and lotions with herbs without chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, and fragrance oils. The Alaskan Flower Essence Project is dedicated to providing vibrational essences of the highest quality that are relevant to the life issues and health care challenges currently facing sentient beings in all countries of the world. An online store for all gardening needs. Phuketherb online - Herbs for health shopping online! Sunstone Herb Farm - fostering sustainable relationships with the earth.. Quality Bulk Herbs, Essential Oils, and Extracts. Dedicated to providing quality botanical products to the discerning customer. Cedar Springs Herb Farm, Cape Cod. From Nature with Love. Dedicated to bringing you the best of nature from around the world. Use this special code SWW3927 when ordering for a five percent discount (applies to total before tax and shipping costs). Skye Botanicals – liquid herbal extracts, loose tea blends, bodycare and perfumes. Awakening Spirit Inc. The finest in personal care and aromatherapy products. Dr Shen’s Chinese herbs Bev Gray'sAroma Borealis Herb Shop--specializing in natural health and body care products made with wild-harvest northern indigenous plants from the Yukon region. Greenwood Organics: 100% organically-grown and/or wildcrafted dried ritual, medicinal and culinary herbs and botanicals, herbal products and packaging. Natural products, organic herbs, pagan/wiccan supplies. Herbal Serenity - integrating Chinese and western herbal medicine, aromatherapy and essential oils into modern healthcare treatment. Tree Frog Farm - All natural, organic, alcohol free flower essences & aromatherapy blends created on a micro eco-farm and wildlife sanctuary. Personalized blends available. Fine, natural skin and hair care products - crafted by a process that carefully extracts the aromas, textures, and medicine of hand-selected botanical ingredients. 100% natural self care products - Elegant All Natural Bath and Body Products to Delight your Senses! Maca Magic- (Macaroots)- HERBS AMERICA NETWORK. Maine's largest herbal apothecary makes handcrafted herbal tinctures, elixirs, cremes, salves, infused medicinal oils, herbal teas, and bulk herbs made from organic and wildcrafted herbs. Wholy Earth - Body, Mind, & Spirit Apothecary with the highest quality organic/wildcrafted herbs, herbal tinctures, teas, flower essences & more.

Organizations The AHG was founded in 1989 as a non-profit, educational organization to represent the goals and needs of herbalists specializing in the medicinal use of plants. Voices for Traditional Herbal Medicine is a grassroots, volunteer group of herbalists supporting freedom and diversity in health care and herbalism. NEHA - an exciting organization dedicated to merging the ancient tradition of Herbalism with the needs and developments of the modern day Herbalist. Ontario Herbalists Association - representing the interests of herbalists and herb enthusiasts in Ontario. The Herb Growing and Marketing Network, trade association for the herb industry covering herb growing, herb farming, and herb marketing. The Herb Society of America is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research, and sharing the experience of its members with the community. All About Plants for Kids! United Plant Savers. Visit here to find out which plants are at risk and deserve extra special attention and protection. Holisticopia is a geographic directory of over 50,000 holistic places and practitioners in the U.S. and Canada. Herb and Wildflower Pictures free for personal and educational use for students, teachers, not- for-profit entities, and webmasters. Stock Herb Pictures, Mystery Plants, Ginseng Info, plus more.

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