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APRIL 2003 ~ Volume 3 Number 4

What's Inside Weed Wanderings this Month...


Living Your Intuitive Dreams

On the Path of Spiritual Work

by sHEALy

Energy work, angel communications, light work or any other type of spiritual work is an “all of the time” activity. While it is important for a practitioner of spiritual pursuits to study, lecture, meditate and work to increase abilities, it is just as important to “live” and put ones spiritual beliefs into actual physical practice. For those of us who are on the path of spiritual work the first place our services are needed is within our family, community, world and then planet. We will find that if we put aside the heavy spiritual philosophies and simply become involved with day to day activities, opportunities for spiritual interventions and growth will present them selves to us. These occasions are everywhere and even the spiritual practitioner with the most sincere intentions might sometimes overlook a dire and necessary spiritual intervention if too involved with ones own spiritual growth.

As an author, columnist, intuitive reader and energy worker, I find that I am often performing spiritual deeds for many individuals. And because this is my calling and my chosen path, I am grateful for all of my clients. I have grown connected to many clients over the years. I have taught many individuals to live a happier and healthier life. And, I have mentored many to work in the spiritual field. However, I have discovered the most personally satisfying spiritual adventure is the serendipitous event, the one that our magical Universe plops upon our laps or in front of our feet as we walk our spiritual path.

Today, a bright summer afternoon, just one of these least expected events made its way into my life. And, I could not refuse the offer to experience a delicious taste of the Universe in all of her splendor. While traveling home driving in my bright red SUV, my eye glanced to the left side of the road and there beginning his own spiritual walk was the biggest snapping turtle I have seen in quite a while. First, taking one big step into the busy street, he headed toward his destination. With cars, buses and trucks approaching at a speed of at least 45 miles per hour, he continued into the traffic looming over a four lane road. I could not believe my eyes at the size of this huge (32 inch) reptile, but more importantly, I could not believe that he was casually meandering onto this asphalt road. It would take the help of an angel to save this big boy.

I turned into the nearest street I could find and with fury began making my way back to the busy intersection knowing that a bite from a snapping turtle of this size could easily take off all of my fingers. Wondering how I was going to save the life of this beautifully fashioned creature I ran to the corner praying to see him still unharmed. There he marched now working his way to the middle of the first lane. Cars were swerving to avoiding him. I bit my lip and closed my eyes while still approaching him and then did what any lover of life would do. Running to the side of the road I began waving and reaching out into the street trying to alert cars to stop. (It always amazes me that so many individuals will see a living creature in need of assistance—“me” and the turtle—yet not stop. Instead they swerve and only hope to avoid an inconvenience.) Then, in answer to my prayers, another bright red SUV approached and seeing my waving hands stopped right in the middle of the street to avoid this awesome yet mud covered living spirit. Two young men wearing tags, on their clean-cut button-up white shirts, reading “Church of Jesus Christ” jumped from their vehicle with mouths open.

Together the three of us stopped traffic in this major intersection; both annoyed and delighted about fifty drivers, entertained at least two bus loads of tormenting middle-school kids and with a good amount of effort delivered our new friend safely into the back of the young men’s truck. And, although our new friend tried with lightning speed to whip his “fist-sized head” around to give us a painful bite, we saved his beautiful life. I thanked the boys for assisting me and him telling them that I did not think I could have rescued my spiritual opportunity without them. The young men left with my turtle friend in the back of their vehicle heading toward a local animal rescue center.

So today, while strolling back to my own vehicle, turtle less, my hair sticking up in the air, neighbors peering at me as they passed by, I smiled and allowed the emotion of gratitude to seep into my being. I was happy. And although I have seen great miracles, healings and magical events, I felt about as happy as I could feel. It is good to help one of nature’s creatures along his path as he too is a spiritual being. And as far as working and learning about spiritual energies, today’s lesson taught me more than any class could ever teach any spiritual practitioner.

A little advice from sHEALy

Begin each day knowing that miracles are happening around you.

Stop the next time you see a turtle crossing the road, especially if your son or daughter is in the car with you.

Be a loving and helpful example to your children, neighbors and community.

Take time to study and become a wonderfully gifted spiritual teacher as you live a wonderfully gifted and spiritual life.

Be grateful for the small gifts the Universe will offer you today.

by sHEALy

Living Your Intuitive Dreams: A Self-Discovery Workbook
by sHEALy
Living Your Intuitive Dreams is a self-help manuscript created by modern intuitionist, sHEALy. Living Your Intuitive Dreams  helps you creat the life of your dreams. Dream of prosperity, good health, love, companionship, fun and adventure.

You can have all of these things when you work through the exercises and record in the three journals available in this manuscript. Living Your Intuitive Dreams is filled with spirit guides, angels, magical incantations and best of all; instructions on how to perform a psychic reading for yourself and others.

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Intuitive Development
WWU Online Course by sHEALy

You will learn what intuition really is and what it is not, how to be more intuitive by aligning with your natural abilities, how to perform an intuitive reading and how to continue your intuitive development.

This class is taught from a spiritually organic point of view-thus is not a class for the students who wants to be "told" why and who they are in this life. You will be given lessons and readings that promote spiritual growth that leads to the desire to be more intuitive and the ability to be more intuitive.

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