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APRIL 2003 ~ Volume 3 Number 4

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(forum message from Wise Woman JB)


I suppose I should introduce myself first. I have been lucky enough to have taken many workshops with Susun and have really treasured her books from which I have learned a great deal. I am an environmental scientist by trade and specialize in using plants for remediating tainted lands. I love Susun even though she spanks me around when I visit her. I am honored to be able to participate with all you wise women.

For me coffee was just another head on the Hydra called addiction. Stimulants are a way to make you feel "up" when your body is not rested. Coffee seems to be the Patriarchy's way of keeping us working at full tilt even though we may feel tired. So don't let the man keep you down, break free of the tyranny of soma/coffee. I used to drink about 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day, mostly in the morning and about 4pm, to help me get through the evening hours so I know how it feels to try and cut this out. This is what worked for me.

1.) While trying to cut coffee out of your diet make sure you get your requisite amount of sleep. (For most people this is from 5 to 10 hours.)

2.) Your mind is easy to fool, try substituting something like an herbal tea. Do not substitute with other caffeinated products like soda or chocolate, you will only become addicted to this. Do a six week cycle of something strong like nettle tea and put everything that you put in your coffee (ie. cream and sugar) into your tea.

3.) Coffee is a diuretic, your UTI is associated with imbalancing your Urinary System, so you need to recalibrate. Please remember that your body is not static, it is in a state of trying to approach a dynamic equilibrium, which is fancy terminology for saying that it is constantly trying to stay closes to your own personal baseline of metabolic functioning. So when I say recalibrate I mean that you need to get back in the flow of what is "normal" for your body. Dandelion, if I remember correctly is an excellent urinary tract booster. I live in a city so I can get dandelions in the greens section, however if you have trouble locating this go to a whole foods/natural foods grocer and they will sell it. Susun has some great recipes in her "Healing Wise" for various dandelion concotions. Ahem I like the one for dandelion wine but that is another head on the hydra. LOL

P.S. the average mocha grande at Starbucks has about 700 calories in it due to the sugar and cream!

hope this helps,
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Replying to:

Lovely Ladies,
I haven't posted for awhile but I have been reading all your lovely posts.
I have tried halfheartedly many times to stop drinking coffee. Each time I get HUGE migraine heacdaches and vomit. I have heard that these withdrawl symptoms are supposed to ease after about three days. I have never made it that long.
Does anyone have ideas on how to ease the transition?
I have had a lowgrade UTI for a month now and I am sure it has to do with drinking the coffee. I am so sick of feeling like I am going to pee my pants all the time.
Any helpful wisewoman advice and/or encouragement is welcome. How did other women stop dancing with coffee?
Love and big juicy kisses,
Cyber Sister

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