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January 2010
Volume 10 Number 1

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http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/kasi-kennedy.html Kasi A. Kennedy is an artist working in Austin, Texas.She is a native Texan who loves to travel but appreciates and finds inspiration in the creeks, forests and wild places of her native soil. Being raised on stories of Dryads and Elves, she naturally sees them in the heart of all nature. Kasi often uses photography first to record different perspectives with her camera. Then she paints in many expressive layers with acrylics on canvas to immortalize this dance showing light and sound bouncing through and around atoms reflecting and attracting each other while revealing her subject's inner essence.




http://avalonoftheheart.yuku.com/ Ancient Pathways is a message board honoring the Old Ways. We were established in 1999 as a Spiritual sanctuary for all Earth-based religions and/or pagans to come together in peace and security to share, learn and grow. We are dedicated to sharing information to empower individual Spirits with personal, experienced knowledge of the Goddess, Magick, and Wisdom of the Old Ways. Information on Herbs, Health and Healing, Parenting, Magickal Living, Ritual, Divinity, Events and Gatherings, the Sabbats and Esbats and much, much more can be found here. This is a place to share your opinions, ideas and experience on your Path. No matter which Path or Tradition you follow.


http://www.earthgoddesswisdom.com/ Earth Goddess Wisdom seeks to guide all Gaia’s people back to a realisation of what is important – to tread lightly, respectfully and regain our understanding of the connectedness of all living things. There are things we can do to protect our beautiful Mother for future generations. There is no quick fix; there is no ’saviour’; there is no second home planet. This is it. We are responsible. Our actions impact all living things around us. Doomsday prophecies don’t excuse present day actions and we must act now. We welcome you; we honour your willingness, openness and desire to help. Subscribe to the posts using the subscription buttons at the blog.


Dorrie Joy is an Artist, Craftswoman, Sculptor, Weaver, Writer, Dancer and Young Wise Woman, who is home-educating her children in Herbal Medicine. Her paintings draw on the ancient wisdom and stories of the land. Prints, cards and originals available, and commissions are most welcome. She is a skilled craftswoman, working in a shamanic way, and learning the crafts of many indigenous elders. Commissions for drums, rattles, drum bags, fans, belts, pouches, leather work, etc, and anything made from wood and clay!



Ocean Aid, works in harmony with your immune system, proven effective in healing serious wounds and skin conditions, including chronic diabetic wounds, post-surgery wounds, severe skin infections. Ocean Aid contains an enzyme (lysozyme) that is found in the tears, saliva, mucus, urine and salt water body fluids. Lysozyme targets only harmful bacteria. Ocean Aid contains sea salt with all trace minerals left intact. The sea salt solution provides an ideal pH environment for the lysozyme to operate, as well as nutrients to support new cell growth. Ocean Aid supports and speeds the body’s natural healing process.

PlantWomen gather! The Tribe comes together! Three times a year women from many backgrounds gather together in great celebration for four full days of inspiring Herbal and Sustainability classes, gourmet vegetarian meals, talented campfire capers, amazing handcrafted marketplace items, Rites-of-Passage Ceremonies, powerful campfire drumming and dancing, refreshing swimming hole dips, and conversations with remarkable and inspiring women! We are a group of 350-400 women and children and we gather to learn from each other, to nurture and nourish each other, to take a break from our daily lives, to regenerate, refresh, dance, frolic, talk plants, and most of all, to have a REALLY GOOD THYME together!



Womens health books Visit www.wisewomanbookshop.com
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http://www.mayamoonhealingarts.com/ Maya Moon Healing Arts is a web site designed for the viewer to learn about the treatments offered by Naomi and the common dis-eases that may be relieved. Clients can also learn what to expect from a session. This site shares Naomi’s healing philosophy, education and training. You can also find links to many of her favorite companies and teachers. She has an online bookstore located on the product page where you can find her favorite reference books listed under specific categories, and also on this page you have direct links to connect with some of her favorite products.


Pet portraits and animal art. Own an original treasured keepsake. Hand-painted and drawn in watercolor, acrylic and pencil by artist and illustrator Kimberley Eve. A wonderful way to honor yourself and/or your pet. A great gift idea for any season.






http://www.elkabest.org/ Best Answer for Cancer Foundation, previously known as “The Elka Best Foundation”, funds education and research to provide kinder, gentler chemotherapy, and also actively maintains a patient/survivor care center. We have a charter to support and help educate cancer and chronic disease patients in the options available for their care during and after their illness. We are about improving the quality of life for people affected by cancer. We believe that it's about knowing your rights and your options because it's your life! We believe that the Best Answer for Cancer is an integrated, holistic platform of healing modalities that support a targeted cancer therapy while also improving and maintaining your everyday quality of life. Our targeted cancer therapy of choice is IPTLD™ and our goal is to provide the information and tools people battling cancer need to live life on their own terms.



http://www.coldcasepsychic.com/ International Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarhane is a highly respected psychic known for her amazing abilities to communicate with loved ones from the other side. Ericka has helped countless people with issues in relationships, career, family, health, finance and more. She uses her mediumship, psychometry, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience to help others find closure and insight in the lives. Ericka is a generational psychic that uses no divination tool for her readings. She has been featured on TV and interviewed by national radio stations across the country, and hosts her own weekly popular radio show "Whispers from the Heart."



http://www.goddesschant.com/ Shawna Carol is an internationally recognized composer, recording artist, sound healer, and author. For the past several years, a major focus of Carol's artistry and attention has been the development of live Ritual Performances of Goddess Chant. Since its premiere in 1998 Goddess Chant has been performed in New York City, in Rochester, New York, at the Omega Institute; in San Antonio, Texas; and in one of the country's oldest cathedrals, Arlington St. Church in Boston. Goddess Chant received its West Coast Premiere in Seattle at the WOW Festival in February 2000 and its European Premiere at the Goddess Conference, Glastonbury England, 2003.



http://www.cahootsmagazine.com/ Cahoots is an alternative Canadian online magazine for women. Cahoots is a place for diverse, original, strong, humorous, fearless writing about things - such as work, health, home, life, the world - that really matter to women. In addition to articles, Cahoots also publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and beautiful visual art. We invite reader response and have nine regular columnists and several bloggers who comment on everything from pop culture to physical health issues. Cahoots is a truly original title in tone, focus, and content. It is about diversity, critical thought, and engaging conversation. We conspire to inspire.


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