Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine with Susun Weed
June 2004
Volume 4 Number 6
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Your Intuitive Dreams ...
What I Would Do If I Had a Million Dollars
by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

Still Life Flowers by Nancy DelliberWhen the human mind makes a decision, that decision causes the mind to visualize and have faith in that which is desired. The day when a creative idea is harmonized with faith, abundance is born.

So, what if you had a million dollars? Would you consider yourself wealthy? What would you do with it? I ask this question of you because, when you begin to think of all the wonderful healing and life affirming actions you could perform with the use of abundance, you step closer to actually finding the means to create that abundance and the actions that follow. We all need to live as if we had a million dollars.

In my work as a spiritual teacher, I have routinely run across individuals who believe they do not deserve the creation of prosperity, and thus often say "no" to the deliciousness of life. They block avenues of abundance that might lead them in the direction of creating great joy and gifts of spiritual value.

I have met those who feel that prosperity is to be feared or scorned. Because there are so many in our Universe, at this time, who practice negative means of creating financial well-being, many good meaning people have decided to turn their backs upon financial abundance. And, this often leads to a limited means of healing and helping others.

While the pursuit of money can lead to evil, money itself is not the evil. Thus, a renewed way of thinking about financial abundance can lead many into a renewed means of healing the self and the world.

Memory Pool by Nancy Delliber It is those who have learned to believe and operate from the perspective that their own personal success is necessary in helping others find success, who often become the most lavish providers of our world. Andrew Carnegie is one such example. Carnegie spent much of this life learning and teaching that funds could be made in a positive and harmless manner.

And, those funds can be used to motivate and help others. While it is clear that financial success is not the root of healing or spiritual success, it is also clear that a modern healer living in modern times, must have at least a sound financial basis to reach as many individuals as possible.

Basically, the message of this article is not a new one. The message is-take care of yourself first and then you are better equipped to help others learn to take care of themselves.

This message may be applied to many avenues; take care of your health so that you can help heal others, take care of your spirit so you can nurture the spirit of others and take care of your family and friends when care is needed so that you can be an example and help others learn to do the same.

As I walk my own spiritual path, I come to new lessons and I walk past old ones. The new lesson of my day is the lesson of spiritual growth through making peace with financial growth. I have learned that when I live each day as if I had a million dollars, I dare to reach farther than I might reach if financial matters restricted me. I am filled with less fear and self concern. I live with the zest that life can be anything I want it to be. And, I am a better intuitive and healer. Money seems to lose its importance. And, I pay more attention to the "real stuff" of life.

Living as if I had a million dollars allows me to think less about money and love life with more vigor. I am rich with vigor when simply changing my thoughts. Some reading this article will suggest they have learned this lesson long ago. Others will try this method, experiencing it as a new one, and better their life and service to others along the way.

Lady with Parasol by Nancy DelliberIf you desire change, begin living as if you were a millionaire. Ask yourself the question, "If I had a million dollars, what would I do?" And, begin planning for and doing those things. And for those who truly wish to develop the type of thinking that helps individuals create actual wealth, begin today creating a new belief system and you just might find that new financial success comes to you.

Once a belief system of success is established, it is essential to develop a concrete plan to obtain that which is desired. Because ideas are abstract in nature, it is necessary to put to work those ideas in a physical manner.

Begin by planning how you will develop ideas. Ask yourself what physical things are necessary in the development of the idea. Do you need to make phone calls and speak with others about your goals? Is it necessary to visit others and speak to them? Must you work and save? Should you write a plan of action?

Once you have created your ideas and then begun physically working toward your goals, you will begin to see your ideas manifest. Through this entire process, you will find that continuing a focus of "What will I do if I achieve this goal?" remains helpful to your success.



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