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June 2003
Volume 3 Number 6

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Living Your Intuitive Dreams...
Healing and insightful wisdoms by sHEALy

Intuitive Children Heal the Planet—One Step at A Time

One of the greatest revolutions I am recognizing upon our planet is the numerous births of intuitive children. While all humans have the gift of intuition to some degree, a multitude of highly perceptive youngsters with amplified sensitivities have emerged upon our planet in recent years. These children are usually strong willed and creative by nature. They seem to be opinionated and determined to do that which interests them. They tend to bend rules and question authority. Yet, they are generous and loving to those who take the time to know and understand them. These children, aware of their own inner voice, have come to our planet to make necessary changes. They know the direction they are to travel and they are not easily deterred.

The phenomenon of intuitive children began slowly yet now seems to be moving with a greater vigor; approximately 1% of all children born between 1955 and 1965 were considered intuitive children. Now, in the year of 2003, one out of every ten children is considered to be an intuitive child; ten percent of our population is now born using intuition as the main process utilized to experience the world. As we move into the 2000’s the 1% of intuitive children born between 1955 and 1965 find themselves tempted to use intuition as a means of healing the planet. More life-affirming books are authored by these intuitive adults than ever before in the history of mankind. More healers, intuitives and light workers are making their skills available to others. And, as we continue to march into the future the ten percent of intuitive children living upon our planet earth will find new ways to heal the planet and the human condition.

As I witness intuitive children being raised and educated in traditional settings I recognize a duality within their present circumstances. Where there is this great serendipity I find the greatest tragedy. These highly intelligent and intuitive souls are facing the concepts of out-dated and habitual ways. Within the public educational systems, all children are forced to “digest” information. While much of this academic information is valuable, students seem to be memorizing as opposed to learning. And, once the student has “passed” and moved along the “conveyer belts of academics” much of the information is then forgotten. While the traditional child more easily withstands this method of education, the intuitive child bulks. He struggles and chooses to rebel against this system. Intrinsically this child knows that his greatest calling is one of interest. He can not make the connection between invaluable information and that which he is placed on this earth to do or be. He desires to learn and do that which is his natural calling. And, he fails within the traditional school system. He longs to follow his own path and explore new ideas versus memorizing those that have been already imprinted upon his brain.

The good news is… the intuitive child, born within the years of 1990 and 2000 and now withstanding the methods of the public school system, is the child who paves the way for those still to come. He is the child who will labor and change our present academic circumstances. He is the child who establishes a new way of learning. He is the new psychologist, teacher, academic advisor and counselor. His methods will be those that appreciate and understand the value of intuition and abstract thought. His methods will be those that make the kind of changes that our planet needs to experience healing. From his struggles--the teacher who does not understand, the advisory committee that inappropriately advises, the test marked “failed”, the parent who condemns--he will emerge strong, wise and equipped to facilitate change.

As the world begins to recognize these insightful children, we begin to witness a process of evolution. While historical documentation of evolution mainly consists of the physical changes of mankind, now we have the opportunity to see the development of the human spirit housed within the physical body. As the numbers and power of intuitive children continue to increase the human condition will advance more quickly and with greater strength. Small changes will become great transformation and intuition will lead much of our society toward a better life. Intuition, as it revolves as energy upon our planet, is finding a physical form within our children. And these children, with their amazing strength of mind, will continue to lead us toward a healed planet. Individuals with highly in tuned spirits and minds are growing in numbers and challenging present attitudes. As these intuitive spirits rise in numbers, the world is forced to take notice of their demands. Today, the intuitive children of past years have grown into adults and we suggest peace and humanity. We insist upon humane treatment of nature and animals. We teach natural forms of healing and living upon the earth. Yet, we are only making small changes upon our planet.

The next generation of intuitive children now growing into young men and women will take the next larger steps toward planetary and anthropological healing. One step at a time these children are forcing—with a revitalized strength of spirit—changes. Moms, dads, teachers, healers and community leaders are shifting their work methods and life attitudes when presented with these children. Our community at large will experience a metamorphosis as the next generation of intuitive children graduate into adulthood. Right now, this revolution is taking place; one needs only to look within our schools to see the new healers of the future.


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