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A story of Animal Communication

"Sammy" - Florida, U.S.A.

by Adrien Amadeo


Sammy is a 12 year old beautiful tortoiseshell cat who did what cats do - she brought much joy, fulfillment and love to the human family she lived with.

Her human companion's son moved back home and brought his own cat, by the name of Li'l Bit, with him. That is when the problem started. Sammy had always been enamored with the son when he lived at home. When he moved out it had been devastating to her. After his leaving, it was not uncommon for him to return for weekend visits with a girlfriend, but he didn't pay much attention to Sammy which angered her. Now he returns home with his own cat - interestingly enough, a cat that looks like Sammy.

Shortly after his return, Sammy stopped eating and stopped relieving herself. Her tummy blew up and it got very hard. Every time Li'l Bit came into the room Sammy growled and hissed and then ran to her companion's room to hide. Sammy wouldn't even allow the son to pet her, hold or love her. She was miserable.

At this point, Sammy's human contacted me to perform both animal telepathic communication and healing. Previous to this session I asked Sammy's human to tell Sammy what I would be doing and that it was ok for me to do so.

The human did as instructed and when she told Sammy it was ok to tell me about anything that was bothering her, Sammy placed her little head down face first between her paws.

At the agreed time of the session, the human took Sammy to a quiet room and watched Sammy as the long distance session began.

I had connected.....Sammy told me of her unhappiness. She also told me that she wanted to heal as it was not time for her to transition. We communicated at length as I asked her to release all that did not serve her higher purpose. I then asked her to accept all love, health and wisdom that would be perfect for her.

Later, when the session was complete, Sammy's human reported that while the session was in progress, Sammy initially meowed and complained at the beginning. Then she stopped her meowing and listened, she meowed again and than stopped and listened again. Soon she laid down and seemed very relaxed. After approximately 15 minutes, the session was complete.

Happiness filled Sammy's home the next morning when she came out for treats and even ate breakfast and then she used her litter box. This happiness continue when her human arrived home from work that evening to find Sammy sitting at the door waiting for her. And......beside her sat the son's cat Lil Bit.

Although she does not display any affection for Li'l Bit, they can all stay in the same room without growling and hissing at each other.

Sammy's human wrote me to say that since the above session, every time she mentions my name to Sammy she stares with big beautiful eyes into hers and always becomes very mellow.

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"To be your your most. "
Adrien (Sutaaraito) Amadeo, DD, Dr. of Metaphysics
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Adrien Amadeo (Sutaaraito) is a qualified traditional Usui Reiki Master, (Registered Teacher, Canadian Reiki Association), Grand Master/Receiver of both PRISMology Of Light Healing and StarFire - Animal Communication & Earth Healing Energies, as well as a Master of numerous energy healing systems. She is an author, Akashic Records reader, Animal Communicator and Minister of Healing in the Church of the Ancients. She has received certification as a Doctor of Metaphysics as well as a Doctor of Divinity and holds a lifetime membership in the International Natural Healers Association.

Adrien is the founder and teacher at Healing Spiral of Light Global Studies, the Educational Coordinator at the Reiki Blessings Academy and Executive Coordinator of the S.T.A.U.N.C.H. Foundation. Her aim is to assist those who have the passion and desire to learn healing from the heart, mind and soul.

It is Adrien's hope and desire that these sacred healing techniques and energies will be passed on to others and that healing be given lovingly and openly to all things living and with whom we share our glorious planet.


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