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A story of Animal Communication

"STAR" (Tibetan Terrier)

by Adrien Amadeo


(Tibetan Terrier)

It was early and wet on the morning of February 19th, 2002 as I walked through my favourite little park in downtown Vancouver where I have my daily chat with my nature friends the trees, shrubs, flowers, birds and a waterfall.

Star was a very sick little dog. Knowing that today, as confirmed by Star, was the day that I would be present as my little friend passed to Spirit, weighed heavy on my heart. As I contemplated this thought I heard my nature friends say, 'A new life awaits.'

It was now late afternoon, the clouds had disappeared and the sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky, just like Star had told her human companion Helen it would be on the day of her passing.

Star sat on the veterinarian’s examination table. She sat very still as her leg was shaved in preparation for the injection that would end her physical life as we knew it. I gave her a kiss on her wet nose and then quietly started to cry. As I looked into her eyes I heard her say very clearly and confidently, 'It’s ok....'

I took a permanent position standing in front of Star so I could continue to look directly and deeply into her eyes as Helen, her human, held her while the veterinarian proceeded with the task at hand. Star did not take her gaze off me. Our eyes were locked and were one. It was at that time that I remembered my good friend Yvonne who lives in England saying, 'Be brave Sis, make sure the last thing she sees is you smiling.'

Although the tears streamed down my cheeks, I did just that. With the biggest smile I could muster up I whispered to her saying, 'We all love you sweetie. You are a very sweet girl. You are so brave. You are a beautiful girl. Thank you for everything you have taught us'. She did not bat an eyelash while she stared into my eyes as her little body slowing slumped onto the table.

What I saw in the depth of those beautiful dark brown eyes was strength, peace, a knowing that it was ok as it was her time, serenity, total commitment, conviction and contentment. There was no doubt in my mind that our Star girl was ready to continue her journey.

It was over .... we stroked her soft coat for awhile and let her companion Bullet sniff her to say good-bye. Helen and I each gave Star a kiss on the top of her head. I told her again that we all love her.

The last thing I did as I proceeded to leave the room was to softly pet Star on the top of her head and whisper to her, 'with God speed...' Walking to the door, and taking one last look over my shoulder before closing the door behind me, I saw an empty room except for the veterinarian who had been so comforting to us all. She was now wrapping Star in the rainbow coloured crocheted afghan that she had been sitting on and picked her up in her arms ever so gently.

I will never forget what I felt in those eyes today. It was something I had never before experienced. I now know why she had invited me to take part in her crossing. Today I learned a valuable lesson from Star - the huge importance of listening to and the honouring of all animals at this stage of their being, not to mention the strength and the knowingness they exude and their absolute connection with the Divine. Animals come to enrich our lives and to teach us what we need to learn. When an animal passes, it is clear that we do not OWN them - they will journey on to another to assist with teaching them what they need to know.

That night as I lie in bed thinking about my little friend Star, I felt a strong need to get up. I walked over to the window and peeked through the venetian blinds. As I looked up into the darkness there straight in front of me appeared a lone star. To me it was the most important star in the night sky - I knew my little friend had arrived home safely.

Although sad in my feelings, it was the most beautiful sight to behold and a gift I will cherish forever. Thank you my little Star girl.

Lovingly and with great thanks,

Your friend,


Animals, when given the chance, will tell you the correct day for their passing and the ritual(s) they would like. Helen asked me to have a talk with Star approximately a week prior to her passing in order to obtain this information for her.

In Star's case, the following were her wishes:

Helen, Star's human companion, will now tell us in her own words the ritual requests starting with what took place the night before Star’s transition.

"She had told us that the correct day would be Tuesday, February 19th. On the way home of the previous day we picked up a dozen red roses. That night I again asked Star if it was time and got a definite ‘YES’. So we set up the dinner. I baked pork chops, got a fresh white candle and with roses in the vase, I arranged the place setting, cut up the chop into bite size pieces and sat her on the chair at the table. She looked at me and then at the plate and started eating. She was very regal. I figure she should have been wearing a tiara. I took some photos as I just had to get her expression on film. When she was finished, she turned to me and I swear she wanted to know why I had not been feeding her in this manner all along. I couldn't help laugh...."

Next is the ritual Star requested the day of her transition to Spirit.

"At the veterinarian’s office we laid out all of the required and requested items. The white candle was lit, the single red rose, the feathers. Adrien has three very energy aware animals and they all requested that something of theirs be present. So Sugar, her horse, sent a piece of her tail, Jazz and Tango, her two cats, sent one of their favourite toys. I read a prayer while my dog Bullet attached himself to my left leg and did not move until we were finished. (Often animals will touch you in specific places when you need comforting, healing and/or grounding - they KNOW!)

The veterinarian had started the injection and Star's body began to lie down. It was at that time that Adrien used her Hawk feather to assist with the rising of the spirit from the physical body. Then, through lots of tears, I read a "goodbye" poem from one of my favourite loving animal books. After the reading, Adrien chimed her Tibetan Tingsha's three times as a blessing of the passing to Spirit."

On Friday, a few days later, Helen picked up Star's remains and on Saturday afternoon the final ritual was performed as follows:

"Underneath the Cypress tree in my backyard I scattered a number of red rose petals to make a bed for Star. I then placed the urn with her remains onto them. As requested, I sang to her the Disney song, "When You Wish Upon A Star" and at this point I really broke down...."

I would like to add that Star continues to communicate with both Helen and I. She continues to teach us many things regarding animal transitions and animal telepathic communication. Star touched many people during her physical lifetime and now she continues to do so while in spirit form. The telling of her story above is yet one of the many ways she helps us all to better understand the animal kingdom.

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Healing Spiral of Light Global Studies

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"To be your your most. "
Adrien (Sutaaraito) Amadeo, DD, Dr. of Metaphysics
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Adrien Amadeo (Sutaaraito) is a qualified traditional Usui Reiki Master, (Registered Teacher, Canadian Reiki Association), Grand Master/Receiver of both PRISMology Of Light Healing and StarFire - Animal Communication & Earth Healing Energies, as well as a Master of numerous energy healing systems. She is an author, Akashic Records reader, Animal Communicator and Minister of Healing in the Church of the Ancients. She has received certification as a Doctor of Metaphysics as well as a Doctor of Divinity and holds a lifetime membership in the International Natural Healers Association.

Adrien is the founder and teacher at Healing Spiral of Light Global Studies, the Educational Coordinator at the Reiki Blessings Academy and Executive Coordinator of the S.T.A.U.N.C.H. Foundation. Her aim is to assist those who have the passion and desire to learn healing from the heart, mind and soul.

It is Adrien's hope and desire that these sacred healing techniques and energies will be passed on to others and that healing be given lovingly and openly to all things living and with whom we share our glorious planet.


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