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Green Witch Intensive / Susun Weed
Green Goddess Apprentice Week / Susun Weed
How to Register
One Day Intensives
Note: Intensives include meals and lodging and are for women only


Green Witch Holiday

Susun Weed
July 5-8, 2018

I am Lady Iona, High Priestess and green witch.
For a witch, spirituality is life, and life is art.
My art is the wise use of the green.

Sink into four days of plants and sisters, nature, magic, and medicine. Join us for a visit to Herb Hill, where you will learn how to harvest and make a variety of herbal tinctures, vinegars, honeys, and oils. Come sit in circle at the Moonlodge. Find out about our history as wise women and witches, shamans and healers. Be present as we create a sacred space for the Initiation of Green Witches. Sing. Dream. Drink nourishing herbal infusion. Participate in daily Talking Stick. Make wild salads. Find yourself, love yourself. No prior herbal knowledge needed.

4 days, 3 nights: $600. Register here
Note: Intensives include meals and lodging and are for women only


"I spent a week with your mom [Susun Weed] on Vashon Island in February a few years ago doing a Green Witch Intensive with EagleSong. She gave me a deep rooting in my work with the plant spirits, from such a wonderful place of Spirit...I gained a lot from that week. In wanting more, I am so grateful that you have made the correspondence courses available". ~ Laurie


"I had a wonderful time at the Green Witch Intensive! There were about 20 women ranging from 16-60 and we were all interested in finding out more about wild plants, ceremony, the Wise Woman Tradition, and herbal remedies. Each of the women who attended brought their own experiences, knowledge, skills, curiosity, and humor. What fun we had! Whether shy or outgoing, the space is such that anyone would be comfortable. The food was terrific and the land is full of surprises, beauty, and wonders. The green witch initiation ceremony was something I will never forget! A very personal, spiritual, and powerful experience." ~ Green Blessings! Peggy


Yes, I want to register for the Green Witch Intensive !

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Green Goddess Apprentice Week


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How to Register

To register by mail, send your name, address, phone and fax numbers, the date and name of the workshop(s), and your $600 (US funds only) to us at:
Susun Weed, PO Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498.
You can also register online at

REFUND POLICY: Note that the fees for some intensives are non-refundable after certain dates. Check individual descriptions for specifics. If you cancel more than two weeks (15 days or more) before the intensive, we are happy to offer you a full refund minus a $25 office fee. If you cancel within two weeks (14 days or less) of the intensive from an intensive that is fully booked, we refund your money (minus $25 office fee) ONLY if we can fill your reserved space. If we can't fill your space, we will be glad to transfer half (50%) of your fee to a future event of your choice; the remaining 50% will be retained to cover expenses. If the intensive is not fully booked we will be able to apply your payment (minus a $15 office fee) to any future event at the Wise Woman Center. No show; no refund; non-negotiable. You may transfer your payment to another person at any time, no extra charge.

Work exchange is available.

Our space is limited. While some classes fill quickly, others are open to the last minute. If registering within two weeks of an event, give us a fax number for confirmation.

We answer the phone only on Wednesday and only between 11-4 pm (East coast time). All other times the answering machine is on. You may fax anytime, except on Wednesday.

Wise Woman Center
PO Box 64 Woodstock, NY 12498

You can also register online at

Note: Intensives include meals and lodging and are for women only


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One Day Intensives - 2018

All One Day Intensives take place at the Wise Women Center, Woodstock, NY

April 28: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Spring Tonics

Join Susun for a wild ramble as we encounter and learn how to use the special green allies of spring. We will explore birch water, root beer, dandelion wine, rampions, wild horseradish, and triple goddess vinegar. We will bite buds, pick and eat a wild salad, smell roots, laugh, and think green!


April 29: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Spring Treats

Ready to get your hands dirty harvesting herbs, drying them, and preparing vinegars, tinctures, a salad and more? Then join me as we make nettle soup, gather a wild salad, and prepare herbal medicines. Delight in violets, get back at garlic mustard, cheer chickweed, consult with cronewort, and possibly even dig some dandelion.  A great class for beginners as well as the more experienced gardener or naturalist who wants to expand their horizons..

"The lessons you've given me will be my companions forever."

May 19: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Herbal First-Aid

What do you do when you, or the ones you love, get cut, burned, scraped, stung, bitten, or bruised? How do you handle rashes, poison ivy, tick bites, snake bites and other nasties? Herbal first aid is immediate, effective, right at hand, and a great way to jump into herbal medicine. With the confidence you gain from using plants to stop itching, quell bleeding, counter infection, and eliminate pain, you will soon be ready to use herbs internally to deal with more complex challenges. A great class for anyone who spends time outside: children, beginners, and seasoned pros alike.

"You are a wonderful teacher and an incredible example."

May 20: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Chronic Problems

Asthma and allergies, arthritis and dermatitis, digestive upsets and depression, dementia and auto-immune diseases, heart problems and gum disease there are so many ways to have a chronic problem. Herbal medicine and the Wise Woman Tradition offer simple, safe, and amazingly effective remedies for many chronic problems. Bring your problems and your curiosity for a day full of ways to counter inflammation and feel a lot better fast.


"You opened a grounded, ancient, wise, visionary, magical world to me."

June 23: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Great Remedies

Right now is the time to harvest the great remedies, the ones I rely on routinely, year after year, the mainstay allies, the ones who do so much. Roll up your sleeves, grab your basket, put on your sunhat and find your scissors, it's time to harvest and dry herbs for teas and infusions. Time to make herbal tinctures, vinegars, honeys, and oils. Which of the plants that I treasure the most will be with us today? Elder, comfrey, dandelion, nettle, motherwort, lemon balm, catnip, red clover, plantain, yarrow, and so many more. Our Talking Stick Ceremony and the Green Allies themselves will guide the teachings of the day. Everyone is welcome: beginners and adepts and everyone in between.

June 24: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Tree Medicines

I love trees. Don't you? Wander with me in the forest, learning from and about the Standing People, the trees, and their allies, the mushrooms and their mycelia. Oak, ash, linden, birch, willow, maple, beech . . . Who will we meet? What will we discover? What medicines, what magic awaits us? What shamanic journeys will the trees open to us? Trees give us shelter, warmth, furniture, food, and medicine. Join me for a day devoted to thanking the trees and listening to them for a change. A wonderful class for naturalists and those just steeping into herbal medicine and opening the door to the otherworld of plants and green blessings.


July 28: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: More Great Remedies

Which of the great remedies will we play with today? Nettle, motherwort, red clover, yarrow, burdock, comfrey, plantain, linden, St. Joan's wort, and so many more want our attention. The days are independent, but complementary. As always, we will begin with Talking Stick, break for a wild food lunch around 1pm, and enjoy ourselves immensely. Green blessings are everywhere.


"The simplicity of your approach is amazing and empowering."

July 29: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Holy Ferment

Before there were tinctures, there were herbal wines and beers. Before there were refrigerators, there were lacto-fermented foods of all kinds: pickles, miso, kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and more. Join me in celebrating the old ways and learning how easy and satisfying it is to make your own. Fermented foods of all kinds feed gut flora that keep us happy and healthy. Students are welcome to take home starter cultures from my mothers. Everyone welcome.

"I continue to relish the special communion I felt in that amazing circle of Wise Women."

Sept 29: Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Magical plants

Some herbs are medicine, and some are food. And some change our minds. Throughout the world, magical and mind-altering plants are the first plants studied by those who wish to be healers and helpers. This is one of the hidden secrets of Western herbalism. You don't have to go to Peru to find and use plants that open your mind to the worlds around you. While some are exotic, many grow right around us. In addition to mind-altering plants, we will talk about and perhaps visit with the fairies and the plant devas. You will make a dream pillow to take home. We will explore flying ointments, third eye opening tinctures, and love potions.  If your expertise has not included this important group of plants, please join us. Beginners will benefit enormously from this class but it is not suitable for children. Experienced herbal folk will find much to delight them in this day.


Sept 30: Integrated Cancer Care

Description coming soon


"Your dynamic presence and remarkable story telling make learning fun and easy."


Oct 27:  Conquer Colds and Flu

Here come colds, the flu, coughs, congestion, sore throats, and all the ways that winter can whomp you. Whomp back with simple, safe, effective herbs. Learn how to tell the difference between hot colds and cold colds, and the best ways to counter them. Be astonished by the magic of sauerkraut and the mystery of elderberry. Gasp at the truth about vitamin C. Become confindent about the best way to use echinacea. Meet boneset and hear her story. Be amazed at the power of yarrow. Learn all about antibacterial, antitiviral, and anti-inflammatory herbs and why they are better by far than essential oils. Bring your questions about sinus infections, bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia. A great class for beginners with plenty to excite more experienced folk.


Oct 28:  Hands-on Herbal Medicine: Digging Roots

Come get your hands dirty as we dig burdock, yellow dock, teasel, dandelion, and/or chicory and make herbal medicines. We will create tinctures and vinegars, dry and infuse roots. We will find ourselves deeply grounded and loving the Earth. As the days shorten and the nights get chilly, plants start to store up medicine and food in their roots. Let's be there to take advantage of these intense medicines. Stories, songs, Talking Stick, and the fairies will be part of our day. Geared toward beginners, this class offers those already experienced interesting new ways of connecting to their roots.

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