April 2011
Volume 11 Number 4
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Healing Wise ...
Moon Lodge
Honoring Menstruation Review

Review by Jan Calloway Baxter

Honoring Your Menstruation at the Moon Lodge
Circles within Circles of Women
Review by Jan Calloway Baxter
mentor at the Wise Woman University


Review of the MP3 Digital Download entitled Moon Lodge
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I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a Moon Lodge, at least once I separated it from the idea of a Sweat Lodge— JULIE FAIN ARTwhich made me feel claustrophobic as I get panicky even in a steam-filled shower and have to stick my head out to breathe cool air. 


But “Moon Lodge” sounds mysterious, sensuous, luxurious even.  Influenced by Anita Diamant’s wonderful book The Red Tent, I picture hanging out with friends dressed in loosely flowing (probably red) garments, sitting on cushions or on the floor, being waited on by younger maidens who are taught their duties by the no-longer-bleeding crones of the community.  


We gossip and tell stories, play music, drink red wine and eat chocolate.  (Well, that goes a bit beyond Diamant, but my imagination is mighty.)  And we meditate on the statues and figurines of Goddesses placed around the tent. 


I’m sure my fantasies differ wildly from the original reality (moon lodges were held by aboriginal and native peoples all over the world), but my idea of how to hold a contemporary moon lodge with my friends has gotten quite a practical punch from listening to this presentation, given by Susun Weed at the Northwest Herb Festival in 2007. 


Listening to this presentation is like attending a moon lodge.  You can learn two or three songs, along with the healthy hip-swiveling movements that go along with the melody.    You can listen to stories told by Susun, always a top class storyteller. 


You learn how the menstrual blood of women nourishes the earth.  Why men have an inner woman, but women don’t have an inner man.  You can hear the hilarious story of Susun in her white skirt, menstruating publicly at one of Jean Houston’s seminars—surely one of my favorite Susun Stories now.  This story also provided one of my favorite Susun quotes:   “I didn’t know how much I was hiding until I didn’t hide it at all.” 


A moon lodge can be any circle of women, any meeting of women, menstruating or not, to share wisdom, troubles, and laughter.  Susun tells how one group of women friends wanted to have a moon lodge, but a “traditional” sort of moon lodge didn’t seem right for them as they had work, children, schedules, meals to fix, soccer games to attend, and all the other time-stealers of contemporary life. 


So they met and exchanged information on how to contact one another.  Then when one of them began menstruating, she would call the others and tell them.  The others would do whatever they could to give her the night and day off.  One might make an extra casserole, another pick up her kids from soccer practice.  A simple but very powerful moon lodge. 


At the beginning of this recording, you listen to a simple yet empowering exercise which vividly shows you your place in the ages of woman.  Susun speaks of the ages of women which spiral from within you to far outside you.  This exercise has become part of my personal meditation now as I imagine myself in a circle like that which Susun created with the women who had come to participate in her class.  Personally, I consider simply that beginning exercise to be worth the price of the recording. 


I hope that you, too, can learn to see your place in the circle of women, as well as find a way to make your own Moon Lodge, whatever age you are, with the help of this recording. 


For more information about a moon lodge,
see http://www.susunweed.com/moonlodge.htm

Jan Calloway Baxter
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