November 2010
Volume 10 Number 11

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Grandmother Gaia...
Tears in the Moonlight

by Maka Nupa LCota

Tears in the Moonlight
by Maka Nupa LCota

I have watched the summer people pack up and leave for the season. Their over loaded station wagons bulging with sun tan children and over packed boxes and bags tied on the roofs. the Art of Shakaya Leone One by one the small shops close for the season. The crowded board walk will soon appear as ghost town all is quiet. Only a faint smell of caramel corn and hot dogs lingers over the old merry go round house.

Summer is fading and Autumn is moving in fast. Already the leaves are turning color on some of the older trees as if to say we know summer is over.

Each night I have gone to sleep to the soft whisper of the ocean waves as they rush in and spread their w hite foam on the sands. At times it sounds like the ocean is breathing in and out with the waves.

The waves touch the sand erasing all traces of summer sun bathers and swimmers.
Bits of sea glass, wood, and sea weed are piled along the tidal pools and the sun is reaching down to the earth for the night.

Sea gulls circle and call in a mournful voice as if they are sad that the season is gone. I stand by the washed out fence with the weathered sign that points out the path to the beach.

The ocean calls to me and I step out onto its white shimmering sands, where tiny silver specks shine and appear as diamonds.

Sea grass whispers all around me the sweet smell fills my heart with quiet and calm feelings.

My feet take to the path that has been dug deeply into the sand by many bare foot beach goers. The sand here is still warm from the day holding the heat and the sun inside not wanting to let go.

My feet feel at home and they find comfort in this connection to the mystery of the ocean. I reach the edge of the water and let the small foam crusted waves play around me as I stand rooted to this beauty.

Soon above the horizon the moon appears soft and golden, ready to dance her heavenly ritual.

I find a piece of drift wood and sit by the shore line awaiting the magic of the moon.

Out of the water she comes shining and full like a gold coin that has just emerged from some long lost treasure chest.

The golden image grows on the waves and is brought to my feet. I reach down and catch the soft golden image of her on my skin.

Bits of sand cling to me shining and glittering in the light of the moon.

Walking to the shore line I cup my hands and reach deep into the golden path of the moon. My hands are full of gold as I reach up to the stars and sky and let it all fall over my head and shoulders.

Traces of the moon trickle down my face and my body to disappear into the ocean once again. Time and again I wash my body with the gold of the moon until the clouds appear to cover her face.

All is silent now and my eyes shed tears of sadness, I have no reason to feel sad except that another year is fading from my life.

The tears fall one by one into the salt of the ocean from where they came.
Each tear floating and dancing on the water in the path of the golden moon.

Magic is every where look and you will see, be still and you shall hear. Touch
and you shall understand. Love Maka Nupa LCota
© 2010 by Maka Nupa L Cota


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