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January 2004
Volume 4 Number 1
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Your Intuitive Dreams ...
We All Vibrate
By sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

As lovely and beautiful people, all individuals walk this earth and live among the vibrations of loved ones, friends and neighbors. All, while striving to live to the healthiest and most select conditions possible, are surrounded by the vibrations of others. When studying matter, science has noted that all human, animal and plant substances vibrate and constantly absorb and reflect energy. This process combined with the fact that energetic matter flows in one direction, creates a swirling energetic path. These swirling-vibrating motions contain a magnetic property of repulsion and attraction known as chakras or energy centers.

Snowflake - in the spirit of wonter. by Linda ShrigIn some environments, chakras are enlightened, smoothed, relaxed and opened to create optimum health. But in other, less serene conditions, they are stressed, tightened, and left shrinking in the attempt of protecting themselves from negativity. Because active matter’s energy level is in constant flux, chakras are subject to constant change. Like a string on a violin, chakra vibrations resonate with other familiar vibrations

Placing one violin across the room from another and then plucking a cord will create a vibration that carries across the room causing the adjacent violin string to vibrate. The energy centers, known as charka, work in much the same manner. Meeting like-minded or spirited human bodies of energy causes both energy bodies to respond and vibrate in harmony. However, when two incompatible energy bodies come in contact, charkas are as equally influenced, yet pulled out of tune instead of vibrating in harmony.

It is my suggestion that individuals desiring good health learn about the seven main energy centers and attempt to develop a relationship with each. When an individual develops an awareness of the energy centers, she is more likely to know when a tune-up or balancing is needed.

The Energy Centers Called Chakras-An Easy Method
Below is a brief description of each center and the connected attributes. After reading over the below information, you will be prepared to begin a study of the seven energy centers.

Seventh Chakra (Crown): Purple
The seventh energy center located at the top of the head creates important aspects of knowledge, fulfillment, awareness, self-determination, and identity. This energy center merges our dreams and desires into the physical body. In addition, this energy center vibrates more quickly than the others and expulse into the surrounding environment the brightest of colors.

To learn more about the seventh charka, first place your hand over the crown area and feel for temperature or vibration. Next, imagine a bright lavender color flowing from this center as you breathe outward. And lastly, attempt to visualize the violet color and vibrations of this energy center as you view your reflection in a mirror.

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye): Indigo
The sixth energy center located in the middle of your head between the eyes concerns aspects of intuition, imagination, creativity, trust, and awareness, knowing one's own truth from a lie, and being in the control seat of one's life. Through this energy center one can operate with their highest levels of awareness.

When you feel ready to begin a study of the sixth energy center, advance to develop a relationship with a higher power. Look for people, places and things that are out of your control. Next, focus upon this energy center while meditating. Meditate upon the color of a spring sky. Imagine the breeze blowing upon this area of the cranial. And lastly, look for the color of indigo in the faces of others. You will find Snowflake art by Linda Shrig. Click here to visit her online gallery.your higher power.

Fifth Chakra (Throat): Blue
The fifth energy center, located in the throat, creates the ability to facilitate self-expression, communication, and speaking one's inner truth. This center resonates one with a true inner voice.
As you feel prepared to learn new information, begin a study of the fifth energy center. First, attempt to speak truth always. Next, practice relaxing the muscles around the throat area. Focus upon the throat as you lay in bed, before going to sleep. Pay attention to your warm breath as it smoothes over this area of the body. You will find yourself bathed in blue.

Fourth Chakra (Heart): Green (pink)
The fourth energy center located in the heart center concerns aspects of self-affinity, optimism, surrender, trust, unconditional love, harmony, relating, intimacy, beauty, openness, giving and receiving. This energy center resonates one with their highest state of being. Knowing this energy center enables one to know the inner self.

Begin a study of the fourth energy center once you feel prepared to face past emotional issues. Begin your study by practicing visualization. Imagine a doorway over or within your chest. See the doorway open; now, look inside. Do this exercise on a regular basis and your past emotional memories will emerge and present themselves to you. Your heart will learn to release that which is unnecessary and grasp that which is love.

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus): Yellow
The third energy center located in the solar plexus area gives one important aspects of will-power, energy levels, and self-confidence. This energy center enables one to relate to the outside world including disappointments and challenges.

As you confront your past, you will become ready to study and work with the third energy center. This center will open and vibrate more evenly as you learn to breathe deeply and peacefully. While most individuals breathe using only part of their muscles and air flow devices, it is possible to breathe utilizing more lung space. Allow breath to relax your physical body. Make a daily commitment to focus upon breath.

Snowflake art by Linda Shrig. Click here to visit her gallery online.Second Chakra (Emotional Center): Orange
The second energy center located just below the navel concerns aspects of emotional balance, sexuality and creativity. This energy center radiates powerful emotional and creative forces. All who desire to create more in the physical world must develop a relationship with this energy center.

The study of the second energy center is a mission of increasing energy and vitality of life. Lovely orange mist always flows from and around the lower pelvic area of the human body. When working to strengthen physical vitality this mist becomes brighter and easier for the human eye to visualize. To heal and maintain the second energy center it is best to regularly exercise the physical body. Walking and maintaining an active life will aid this energy center.

First Chakra (Base): Red
The first energy center, at the base of the spine, creates the aspect of groundedness and feeling at peace in the world. Material issues and matters relating to physical stability and survival are often stored in this subtle energy. When this energy center is healthy it enables proper function of survival instincts.

The first energy center, located at the base of the human spine, operates best in the condition of stability. However, it is possible to study and enrich this energy center through visualization and practice of meditation or yoga. Visualize this energy center, as a ripe apple sitting at the base of the spine. See the apple begin to sprout roots and reach into the earth. Watch the root grow strong and anchor the body to the earth. Now, after the visualization, begin to look for ways to create a more stable existence. What You Should Do…..

As you work to learn the attributes of each energy center, your physical, mental and spiritual health will increase. Your energetic vibrations will begin attracting more of what you want from life. And, at times, you will notice your vibrations sending signals to your brain telling you to move closer to or further away from particular activities, people or places. Naturally, healthy vibrations resonate and attract other healthy vibrations and likewise unhealthy vibrations resonate and attract other unhealthy vibrations. For this reason, it is essential to keep your own vibrations tuned toward positive and prosperous wellbeing.

Rainbow snowflakes by Linda Shrig. Click here to visit her online gallery.Working on a daily energy routine will aide in this process.

While it is not essential that you study the energy centers in the exact order as stated above, it is essential that you begin at a comfortable location within your body. Some highly intuitive individuals sense a particular place to begin their work. My own energy plan advocates using the color red for healing and energizing the base charka. And once the base charka is tuned, moving toward the heart charka is advised. After working with the base and heart charka, moving to the seventh energy center and working down all of the centers is advised.

Creating Your Own Daily Routine…
I suggest that you investigate the attributes of your energy centers, following the above method and then begin to intuit your own method or work with an intuitive to help you devise a personalized method.

Then, find a partner or group of people who are interested in practicing and discussing a healing modality of balancing their subtle energy body. Then practice the exercise below to achieve optimum energy and vibrations.

1. Begin a discussion group on Susun Weed’s forum. Talk about energy and how you are learning to utilize your energy centers and their specific qualities. Know that health is a positive vibration.

2. Begin to journal your experiences. Write every thing, from how you physically feel to how you emotionally feel to how your spiritual growth is blooming.

3. Write and share with others meditations and visualizations. Your creativity will help others to grow and become acquainted with their own energy body.

4. Practice the mantra “We all vibrate”. You will be surprised at how your mind will expand and grow aware of the energetic vibrations of your own body.

5. Watch a candle flame flicker. Remember that you are energy much like the vibrating flame of the candle.

6. View all daily events as a means of growing closer to your spiritual core.

7. Recognize that all emotions are vibrations. Everything you feel, think and know vibrates from your body and bounces through those in your environment. Be aware of this fact!

As you continue your journey of life, the delicious truth— “We all vibrate”,—will become a greater personal reality. You are a delightful and exquisite person vibrating in harmony with others. And, YOU are a positive vibration.

by sHEALy

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